The Weird West: Five Slightly Skewed Looks At The Western Genre | Crush! Frag! Destroy!

Wild West Week at CFD! continues:

"I won’t mince words — the basic, vanilla Western isn’t to everybody’s liking. Some people find the concept of cowboys and indians, the dusty wilds of the American Southwest and gunslingers dueling in the street at high noon to be hokey; anachronistic relics from the childhood fantasies of a generation silly enough to have been born before personal computers could fit in your front pocket.

"Let us ignore for just a moment how stupid and wrong these unimaginative people are (and they are, believe me) and assume that the standard Western in video game form is boring on principle (which they generally aren’t). What do you do with something that you don’t especially like on its own? You mix it with something different that you do like and you suddenly find that it doesn’t taste as bad as you originally thought. Or, if you already liked it, you now realize you’ve created something truly amazing… or at the very least interesting."

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acronkyoung2987d ago

Man, I soooooo need to play Stranger's Wrath.

ShadowPraxis2987d ago

I was going to try to have a review of it ready for Wild West Week, but sadly, too much other stuff needed to get done. :/

despair2987d ago

Stranger's Wrath is one of my favorite Xbox games, it was really well made and very addictive.

Freak of Nature2987d ago

Strangers wrath was my favorite game for the original XBOX...

Oddworld is just special...

I sure hope we get at least a glimpse of whats next for Oddworld at the GC next week...

thisdustin2987d ago

Reminds me I still need to play Red Steel 2--played the first and thought the series had potential. I like the cut of your jib, Rob.

jnune092987d ago

Red has really gotten me into the this western stuff...

Raendom2987d ago

Stranger's Wrath was one of the reasons the original Xbox was awesome. Genuinely innovative game.