Are new games too easy?

Leet Games Blog just picked up Monkey Island 2 on XBLA and noticed just how easy games have become.

It asks whether gamers prefer the hand-holding that has become commonplace in modern day gaming.

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big_silky3208d ago

I just don't have the patience to sit and plug away at the same spot over and over when there are 50 other games I could be playing. I'll admit that I cheat sometimes, after a couple unsuccessful attempts at a challenging battle I'll dial it down to easy until I get past it.

GWAVE3208d ago

The author should play Demon's Souls.


T9X693207d ago

That is one game though. 90% of games coming out these days even on the hardest difficulty isn't very hard at all. There might be a few spots you get stuck on for a minute, but nothing so hard you have to come back to it.

GrieverSoul3207d ago

The problem is that the hard games scare people! I know some friends that dont play or buy certain games because their platinum trophies are hard to get! I go for Platinum trophies but if I get stuck I persist but in some cases when it becomes a chore I simply quit and move on to the next game. Sadly, games are becoming way too easy for my taste!

And yes, I have Demons Souls platinum and enjoy it and still play it!

slyrunner3207d ago

is a hard game, dont get me wrong, but its not as hard as others say.You just have to have a good sense of judgement, this isnt god of war or anything and most people choose the running and hitting and think its gonna fly.Every enemy has a pattern that you can quickly learn if your not acting foolish and and taking your time, every enemy can be brought down with easy, im not saying im a master of all videos games, but imo the NG series were a pain in the ass for me, as even when i do run it and strike, the i kept getting my ass kicked lol. But once you get on 300 (my soul lvl in 569)the difficulty is the same through out, going from play through 3 is the hardest imo though :/

Rybakov3207d ago

demon souls wasn't hard per-say it just punished you if you didn't think about what you were doing in the game at all times....just think about everything you do or want to do and the game isn't that hard at all. that and having friends to play with always helps too

nickjkl3207d ago

in game play no in ability to restart yes

it could also mean that we as gamers have gotten better so it makes it look like games are easy

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f a game or a game maker thinks they have a great story to tell me, then I don't mind a game being easy. But if a game is too hard I don't even think about a game's story. I'm to busy trying to best whatever is a hindrance to my progression.

jeseth3207d ago

Games practically walk you by the hand now. Not too many real challenges out there and most of them are mini games that you download from XBL or PSN (Fat Princess, Pixel Junk, Bejeweled, etc.)

jerethdagryphon3207d ago

other then the games you just mentioned the main reason games are easy is regineritive health

even on the hardest diff if you can hide for a few seconds you can keep going

Megaton3207d ago

I don't play games for the difficulty. I play games to experience something. Get absorbed into the story, play around with the mechanics, see what a handful of people spent months or years of their lives creating. Dying over and over again only gets in the way of that. I'm not ashamed to say I play most games on easy or normal just so I can go at a relaxed pace. I lived through the 8-bit/16-bit era. I've played more than my fair share of ridiculously hard games. It's just not appealing to me anymore.

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Anime-Vixen3208d ago

RPGS to FPS has gotten easier.
This is a good thing. Some people have lives so
we don't have time to be getting stuck in a game!
I just like to finish a game as quick as possible!
I don't like puzzles and I don't complicated boss fights.
The easier the game. The more fun it would it be!
That my opinion about this!

e-p-ayeaH3207d ago

ur not a gamer then GTFO

djfullshred3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Nah, we are all gamers of different levels of ability. What about someone who has physical limitations? Should they GTFO, and be excluded from having fun?

No, this shouldn't be put on gamers as their problem. The responsibility should be with game makers in providing appropriate difficulty settings in games that users can chooose to match their abilities.

Baka-akaB3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

that a rather factice argument , handicap ≠ being lazy and assisted.

When faced with handicaps what did people do ? They adapted and fought hard. They made their own basket and other handisports , they made or tried to find accessories and tools to perform some tasks ... they didnt ask official basket to be made simpler , just in case someone in a wheelchair would wanna play .

Here we are with cases of normal , able , yet people whose behavior , instead of playing most games in the usually provided easy modes , or even with cheats codes ... kinda made it so even default modes would be outrageously easy .

Again case in point , it's obvious "she" dont wanna truly play rpgs , who's cinematics and plot exposure alone make them something long . Instead of adaptating , she wish to be spoon fed

Baka-akaB3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

then again what's even the fun when your boss fight is basically doge the attack and when the the button appears over his head , follow the qte instruction ?

Might as well just watch a movie , the remote got buttons to push too you know ?

And if you dont like lenghty rpg playthroughs , then GTFO of rpgs .

tolvak3207d ago

Sounds like you would be better served watching a movie. Isn't that essentially what a game becomes if it does everything for you? I love the feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration when I've mastered some part of a game.

Redempteur3207d ago

ever heard of the word "challenge" ..
a game is not fun is there isn't one..

and that's not limited to video games

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SactoGamer3208d ago

I remember when playing and completing a video game felt like a sort of accomplishment. Sure, games by their nature are supposed to be fun and hard/frustrating puzzles might take away from that fun, but games are also supposed to be satisfying. Sadly, the latter is something a good number of the current lot of video games is lacking.

Jdoki3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I agree with what you say, but here's another perspective....

As games look much better and are more cinematic these days have gamers expectation and playing styles changed?

I think gamers are now deriving satisfaction from experiencing the game, rather than beating the challenge. (This is a generalisation as there are plenty of gamers who love a good challenge)

It's a subtle difference in my opinion, and one brought about by the higher production values. Gamers want to see the story play out and appreciate the next set of amazing graphics. Making a game challenging stops the gamer seeing more.

dannybohy3207d ago

games are way to easy these days!, Splintercel Conviction is a good example! talk about holding your hand! i remember when you got the game, you got the instructions in a little book and then you were on your own! which was when games were much more satisfying to complete! I remember the First Metal Gear as being one of the last satisfying games to complete. All the recent FPS singleplayer campaigns are obsurdly easy!!
and cheating is pointless and just means yr a born loser! lol

I Call 9MM3207d ago

Playing through Monkey Island 2 again was a treat, and it reminds me how hard games could be back then. That game stumped me a few times, even though I had beaten the older version by myself (no cheating) around 10-12 years ago.

Even that game, however, was easy because you couldn't die. The old King's Quest adventure games, now those where harder. Multiple ways to get to the end (I'm thinking of KQ6), the possibility of death and the possibility of missing something necessary and not making it. It was quite the game.

Now, games are way to easy. I'm playing through Mario Sunshine right now (4 bucks well spent), and damn if some of those harder levels are freaking difficult. I can see how much of the game is easy, but to get that satisfying 100% requires some skill for sure.

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