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Mcvuk writes:

RUMOUR WATCH: Talk that game may carry an optional sub-£10 a month subscription for additional features

Mark this one down strictly as unsubstantiated rumour, but games site MaxConsole claims to have word from a “source” regarding the paid-for multiplayer components that Activision is expected to announce shortly for Call of Duty: Black Ops.
It claims that alongside the traditional multiplayer options – which will remain free – Activision will also offer an optional monthly subscription that will be priced £10 or less.
For the money players will get free access to DLC map packs, and that access will be granted before non-subscribers get the chance to play. Exclusive maps and equipment will also be offered, as well as early beta access to the next Call of Duty title. Apparently there’s also the chance of dedicated servers offering more players than normal.

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supremacy4604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )

thank god i don't even play call of duty..anything like this screams greed and i..unless it benefits me in some way don't care about it. i buy these games to play them, not pay for them on a constant basis.

DarkTower8054604d ago

How many times do you need to be told that there will be no subscription fee for Black Ops? You remind me of all the tools that message me on the PSN that say Sony will start charging for their online service if I don't forward the message 50 times.

SeanRL4604d ago

Oh, you know Bobby Kotick personally then? A subscription fee is very likely.

KingOfOldSkool4604d ago

@DarkTower805 - Ever hear of the saying "where there's smoke, there's fire"? I mean.. do you honestly not think that the same greed that led to the possible introduction of this fee wouldn't be itching to implement even more if enough gamers bought into the previous crap?

captain-obvious4604d ago

i do know that actvision is greedy but i dont think they are that stupid because we are all sure that this is going to kill the game

poindat4604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )

Very unlikely indeed. I mean I know that many gamers are stupid, but I don't see how anybody could possibly be stupid enough to pay 10 pounds EACH MONTH for little other than a couple of maps, weapons, and a beta. And for many people, that would be on top of the Xbox LIVE fee.

But then again, considering how many fucking idiot kids I run into when playing MW2, perhaps I wouldn't be very surprised.

edit: Just looked a couple of posts below mine. I'm not surprised. -.-

DarkTower8054604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )

I do believe that EVENTUALLY COD will be subscription based, but not Black Ops. This is the same rumor that went around with MW2, and likely the same rumor that will come back with next years COD.

@Psfan999, I don't need to know Kotick personally, this is just more rumor mongering that COD haters milled up to try and stop Black Ops from being successful.

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NegativeCreepWA4604d ago

If it is true how can they justify it without dedicated servers, especially for Live subscribers?

Chnswdchldrn4604d ago

im going to get this

thats barely anything ontop of the xbl fee, its seriously like 10 bucks extra which is like nothing if you got the money unlike poor idiots who whine and complain about anything (pc owners complaining about games being 60 bucks im looking at you).

since COD is my main game (because it essentially looks and plays better than the majority of games out there) ill be able to afford this no problem.

i mean the exclusive maps and the FREE access to DLC makes it more than worth its cash.

also who the f**K cares about dedicated servers i aint a pc owner so i dont have any use for that, im tired of the pc idiots whining about it

also people are hatin on this thing sayin they arent gonna pay a subscription fee but they will end up doing it

people are just hatin on COD because its the best FPS out there, and haters always gonna hate the best.

true gamers are gonna get this like me.

KingOfOldSkool4604d ago

Try to justify it with any rambling you want, but gamers like you are a part of the problem.. much like with Halo, CoD is being used as a trojan horse for continued nickel and diming of the console mp gamer. Also, saying "true gamers are gonna get this like me" is more ridiculous than I have time to get into right now.. completely unnecessary.

mrcash4604d ago

Halo? how so? please elaborate.

RockmanII74604d ago

"Much like with Halo, CoD is being used as a trojan horse for continued nickel and diming of the console mp gamer"

Are you implying that Halo is "nickel and diming" the console gamer? You can create your own map and gametype, what more do you want?

KingOfOldSkool4604d ago

@BaseballFan15 - What I am referring to is Microsoft using their dominion over Halo fanboys as a trump card when starting the XBL Gold subscription plan. If you could play the likes of Halo MP for free right from the start the amount of Gold subscriptions would be between jack and shit right now.. and they knew it. Thus, Gold became something gamers are "used to having to pay for".. which is why Microsoft can get away with charging for something that is offered for free on the PC and PS3.

mrcash4604d ago

They can all get away with it, it's just a matter of who wants to do it or not. Don't you think sony wants some of that cash, most gamers now a days have both consoles if sony did that some of us might have to decide which service to pay for. I'm not saying i want to pay for any service but if it was necessary to play online I think we can all agree that as long as the fee was within reason, we would indeed pay.

RockmanII74604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )

By your logic every game with multiplayer on the 360 is nickle and diming you because you need Gold to play it.

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RockmanII74604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )


Edit - I just want to put this in there, its a monthly payment and £10 = $15. If its under $15, it's probably $10. That's $120 a year and all they give you is free DLC and a beta? Have fun paying up to $270 a year for one game.

4604d ago
BuIIetproofish_4604d ago

Halo, Team Fortress and Killzone disagree.

darren_poolies4604d ago

No, the fact is COD isn't an MMO and Xbox players are already paying £30 a year to play online so why should they have to pay more? Fair enough if this is an optional feature but if it is forced then there is no way in hell I will be buying COD again.

Another thing, 'true gamers like me' what?! If true gamers are just gamers who get ripped off and try to convince themselves and other people that its actually worth it then I'd just like to be a 'fake' gamer and spend my money on games actually worth my time thank you very much.

PS its not FREE DLC if your paying 10 buck a month for it now is it? ;)

NoOoB1014604d ago and i though console fanboys were bad. People hate on COD because of glitches and milking. MW2 was an unfinished game. people like you is why Activision can continue to rape gamers wallets. "real" gamers like you say aren't stupid enough to pay for something so casual like Cod with there auto aim and noob friendly gameplay. "real" gamers play other games besides COD because they actually know that there is other games out there that play and look better than COD. Btw Halo>COD any day and i don't even like Halo, but Bungie doesn't rape you and actually listens to what the people want as well as not charge 15$ for a simple map pack -_-

poindat4604d ago

"i mean the exclusive maps and the FREE access to DLC makes it more than worth its cash."

10 pounds a month... 120 pounds a year. You're either an idiot, 13 years old, or both. No other way around it.

sak5004604d ago

Yep and dont forget the exclusive maps would be rehased from COD, COD2, COD3, MW, WAW and MW2.

I'd rather buy BC2's DLC like the great BF:Vietnam and enjoy like the earlier PC gaming days than pay for anythign related to COD franchise.

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jay24604d ago (Edited 4604d ago )

Haha, what a joke. I mean we have to pay for Broadband, some people pay extra for LIVE, and buy every DLC under the sun, some pay £15 a month games subs, it's a joke. Looking at Activisions record I can see this happerning.

EDIT: and Chnswdchldrn, just so you know, I'm A. Not poor, and B wouldn't play Halo or COD if they were the last games on Earth, C I'm a true gamer, I get 95% of games that come out per year, and much more offten than not the Limited edition copies.

earbus4604d ago

Just make tonnes of dlc to make money if they do this they will kill their fan base lets face it some other shooter will be just as good but free mass exodus will happen.

spunnups4604d ago

They sold how many freaking map packs?!??! You don't get much more money hungry than this if it turns out to be true....What a shame

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