Mafia II Demo: A Closer Look At All Five Playboy Magazines (RunDLC)

By now, you’ve probably seen the steamy yet tastefully done Playboy photos from the Mafia II demo, of which, there are five. Unfortunately, 2K Games doesn’t let you flip through the magazines littered around the game world, which is a shame, because vintage Playboys are a time capsule full of interesting information, including politically charged articles (yes, we love the articles), humorous cartoons, interviews and various critiques on movies, fashion and music. Read just one of these issues, and you’ll learn a lot about culture in that particular year.

On that note, we managed to find much larger images of each cover, then dug up the most important articles to give you an idea what was popular back in the day. Enjoy.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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comp_ali3207d ago

no 10 article about playboy magazine in mafia ii and counting

nycredude3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Jebus are these media "jounalist" all virgins!? How many fucking articles on this are we going to see. Go buy a playboy magazine or something. spend on a hooker! Holy cow!

Buff10443207d ago

I love the old school covers. They always found more interesting forms of expression than just slapping a woman on the cover, which is what they do today.

Smiling5353207d ago

People need to stop hatin on this story. I liked it.

CobraKai3206d ago

Why has there been more stories on the playboy covers than the game proper?

Ether3206d ago

I like the covers. Most playboy covers these days just have a naked girl slapped on the front.

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