Operation Flashpoint: Red River - first ever screenshots

First ever screenshots for Codemasters upcoming sequel Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

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Drjft3209d ago

Looks more like concept art. This game will fail as bad as Dragon Rising, and this is coming from someone who thought Dragon Rising would be a best seller.

ArmA 2 is and always will be the superior game as it's made by the proper developers.

BX813209d ago

That's what they did with Dragon Rising they call the concept art screens.

Domer253209d ago

Yeah, ok codemasters; fool me once shame on you.... well you know the rest.

Fishy Fingers3209d ago

So by first ever screenshots, they mean already released concept art. Gotch.

ATi_Elite3209d ago

First off Arma II ACE MOD 2 is all you need as it's graphics and game play are far superior.

I played Dragon Rising (FAIL) and these screen shots show the same 6 or 8 colors that Dragon rising had.

Black smoke
green grass
brown dirt
beige for the uniforms and buildings
blue sky
white clouds
yellowish/red fire

The AI was horrible and the game just felt all wrong not to mention the F***ning console controls that they ported to the PC. Spent more time walking around to check points then in combat.

-Judge_Fudge3209d ago

really who bought and played the first flash point and liked it? i know i didnt the game was just not delicious

Trunkz Jr3209d ago

Ha ha ha! Don't believe their concept art, I remember they did a concept video so long ago and hyped many, it turned out NOTHING like how the video nor the concepts looked, even their trailers they kept making, it was all BS.

This is fail rising all over again.

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