The Best of the Bargain Bin (And Worst)

We have a few weeks before the game rush starts again, so how about spending that 10 bucks on a game or two to pass the time? Here is my list of games from the Bargain Bin that warrant a purchase, and a couple to just stay away from no matter what you heard.

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RockmanII74610d ago

If your looking for a good bargain bin game, Darksiders is only $20.

Quagmire4610d ago

sure...if you live in america...

lolzers4609d ago

I got DarkSiders for £10 down the high street. Best £10 I've ever spent, it's a great game.

MariaHelFutura4610d ago

Tales Of Vesperia (360) is $19.99 new at Gamestop/EBgames. MGS4 (PS3) is 16.99 new at Gamestop/Ebgames. If you own a PS3 and 360, this will be some of the best $$$ you`ll ever spend.

TEFL0N_D0N_814609d ago

Which Gamestop? I never see a new copy of Tales of Vesperia. The used ones are $30+ and on their website they have it listed as $45 used.

danmachine4609d ago

this author needs to do some research he thinks unreal 3 was a ps3 exclusive and according to him failed because of it.

(which it didnt) its a great game.

TheShape1084609d ago

Started as a PS3 exclusive, which I thought I said. Launched as PS3 exclusive because XBLA wouldn't allow open mods, came to 360 later with split screen making it the better version, although that was patched the PS3 later as well. However by then everyone didn't care. But yes its a great game.

Motion4609d ago

Pretty sure it came out on pc too...In fact, I think it came out almost 8 months earlier on PC than PS3.

TheShape1084609d ago

Yes that is correct, I guess I assumed people would know that an UT game came out on the PC. Again though, the article isn't about what came out on what first just that its a great game for a great price that you should get if you haven't. If I had to recommend a version I would recommend PC however.

dan03684609d ago

Absolutely, Darksiders is one of my favorite games of the past year. Definitely check it out.

outrageous4609d ago

Bionic Commando at 9.99 is the best deal out there. The game is beautiful to look at with incredible environments and great game play.

Why the game failed to sell??? Well, the leaning curve was unforgiving. They really punished you if you didn't master the Bionic arm mechanic. No save points and while replaying a level, you could find collect-ables but they where not saved...yep...maybe the biggest complaint. They tried to stay true to the coin op era in that way but the lazy new new gen of casual gamers want to play a level once and move on. If they included a rewind feature to replay the last 10 secs or so the game would of been that much better.

Regardless a fantastic game once you master the controls. Sadly, Grin is now no more. They had some great talent there with some great next gen game engines. Here's some footage...yes, it looks that good.

TEFL0N_D0N_814609d ago

I think for $9.99, Gears of War is the best game out there (the first one). It still has better multiplayer than the abomination of a multiplayer called Gears of War 2. The only two good things of Gears 2 are the campaign and horde.

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earbus4610d ago

my cheap pix are wanted weapons of fate 8 bux and matt hazard it cracked me up ..

DelbertGrady4610d ago

Didn't like any of those games. Wanted took me 3 hours to beat and Matt Hazard was just extremely boring. Bionic Commando was a little better than Wanted but still pretty crappy.

I agree with BaseballFan15. Darksiders is an awesome game. Other than that, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Burnout Paradise, X-Men Origins Wolverine(as mentioned in the article) and also Borderlands and Batman: AA.

SignifiedSix4609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

How was Red Faction: Guerrilla? I've never had a chance to play it... There's just one thing i wish the game was... An FPS. I remember the good ole days playing Red Faction on the PS2. Blowing holes in walls and creating tunnels throughout the map. Sooooo Amazing, lol.

Thanks for letting me know. I looked at it a few times at gamestop, but one of the guys kept telling me it wasn't worth buying. Guess I'll rent it and see how it is.

MariaHelFutura4609d ago

As long as your not expecting too much RF:G is a very fun game. The mission get a bit repetative, but blow stuff up is too much fun and EVERYTHING is destructable.

Bucky Sligo4609d ago

If you like blowing stuff up in a sandbox style environment then get it. It's a decent game

Johandevries4609d ago

X-Men Origins Wolverine is actually a great game

Calm Down Sunshine4609d ago

I'd say Just Cause 2.

It's near enough bargain bin, £24.99 for PS3 & £15.22 for PC on

Don't take it seriously and you'll have an incredible time.

Blowing up missile silos then hijacking an army plane to shoot a space rocket out of the sky mid take-off... Outstanding.

Throwing people off of that disco blimp in the sky as well.. That was pretty awesome.

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