Tetsuya Nomura Provides Final Fantasy Versus XIII Status Update

Does it seem like you've been waiting ages for Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Well guess what? You have!

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Fulensenca5036d ago


Show us something, damn you!!!

I don' t know if I can thrust SE anymore ... *sob*

LordMarius5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

Stop approving crap when its a dupe

seriously this site needs some new mods

Shang-Long5036d ago

dang i just want gameplay. please at TGS show us gameplay.. i dont care if its for a second

AAACE55035d ago

So you 'Thrust' SE? No wonder they are taking so long to release anything... all that thrusting going on!

nickjkl5035d ago

"There have been many questions regarding fields. It's not a completely open world. It's like the 2D FF games in HD. Although, in terms of looks, it's not a top-down view, it's like the screenshots that have been released. You'll move through the world from that view."

what does that even mean

MadMan005035d ago

Oh...so it's like FFXIII? Lol.

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himdeel5036d ago

It's the SAME article. Mods need to remove crap that is approved if it's a duplicate. LAME!

badz1495036d ago

to become a vaporware and even if it does, I don't really care anymore! I guess KH3 will remain a dream for now :(

hot4play5035d ago

"thrust SE"?
hehe, what with like a sword? :p

i feel ya man...

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Hellsvacancy5036d ago

Its gonna go to the 360 man im tellin ya, i fu<kin hope and pray it doesnt but i cant help but think that it will

Fulensenca5036d ago

Probably you are right ... well, at least we know already how this game is going to be ... ( FFXIII )

Parapraxis5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

...yeah an "urban myth legend"
Because we all know the 360 version of FFXIII was on par with the PS3 one.

Seriously maniacmayhem how fcking mental can you be?

NoBias5036d ago

I'm a 360 fan but I even know that it'll be gimped if it comes to that platform. I want this to remain exclusive to the PS3 so it'll look amazing because this might come as a shock to you but...


I'm a PS3 fan as well. And I will be buying this (IF it remains an exclusive).

Erotic Sheep5035d ago (Edited 5035d ago )

Maniac, you are the perfect example of a blind fanboy. Well done!

Can we all get a nice round of applause for him?

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karl5036d ago

wow wow guys...

dont be pessimist... till the moment they say... this game is coming to 360..
we still have a chance for the game to be good..

so keep those hopes up...

Megaton5036d ago

I think there's a good chance they'd lose Nomura over that, but it wouldn't surprise me. He's already miserable over there.

SOAD5036d ago

How do you know he's miserable?

Megaton5036d ago

Nomura and Kitase have both been vocal about their issues with management there, going so far as saying they wished Yoichi Wada was DLC for The Last Guy so they could let him die.

SOAD5036d ago

Ok. Why did I get disagrees for asking a question?

Bobbykotickrulesz5036d ago

You're ridiculous, SOAD.

Don't you DARE ask questions around here.

wicko5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

Do you have any links to that? I'd be interested in reading what they had to say.

Okay, thanks man. I'll take a look

Megaton5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

Nah, but you can probably find it by Googling some combination of "Nomura", "Kitase", and "The Last Guy". I think it was a Famitsu interview from a couple years ago. Nomura seems to make a public complaint every few months.

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Fulensenca5036d ago

Urban myth legend? I hope you are right.

But it' s easier to develope on one console instead of two. FACT.

I just care about quality, you are half wrong: if you want to call me a fanboy, then call me a Quality Games Fanboy.

maniacmayhem5036d ago

Being able to develop on two consoles can be easy as long as you have the right tools. FACT.

I am all right and no wrong.

PshycoNinja5036d ago

No you are wrong. I'm currently in school developing games for the PS3, 360 and Wii. And every programmer knows that you have to develop the game from the ground up for all systems if you want the game to be half decent.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

It's Nomura. He doesn't work as a Chief and then work in other consoles that is not PlayStation.

This will stay Exclusive, because is Nomura.

maniacmayhem5036d ago (Edited 5036d ago )

@ Parapraxis
When were we comparing the two versions? I never said the 360 version was on par with the PS3. Wait let me re-read what I posted...hmmm...nope..no where did i say that.
But there's a lot of peeps on N4G that think just because FF went to 360 that somehow it magically made the game on PS3 suck. So me being mental...nope not at all.

@ NoBias
Again, why won't it look any less amazing if it comes to 360 too? Did FF XII not look better on PS3 than the 360?

"I'm a PS3 fan as well. And I will be buying this (IF it remains an exclusive)."

So much for your name eh?