Stranglehold for Playstation 3 delayed for unspecified time

Some bad news today for Playstation 3 owners. Midway sent out a press release this afternoon which contains the exact release date for John Woo Presents: Stranglehold. The PC and Xbox 360 versions will both be released on August 27 but the pressrelease does not say anything about the Playstation 3 release.

Dutch website PS3Only contacted Midway why there was no mention of the Playstation 3 release. They just got a response from Midway which contained the bad news that Stranglehold for the Playstation 3 has been delayed for an unknown time. Although it will definitely be out this year, it seems it won't make the previous september release.

Midway recently said the Playstation 3 version would be released on September 17, but now it seems that it won't make that release. When the Playstation 3 version will be released now is something will just have to wait for. Midway's response can be read below.

"It's definitely out this year but no confirmed street date as yet"

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X_GAMER_X5193d ago

Wonder what could be the reason for this???


the greatest5192d ago

PS3 delay ONLY for Euro version
thats cool

Zhuk5193d ago

this is because of the difficulty of PS3 development and with PS3's abysmal performance with multi-platform titles it's not surprising

tonsoffun5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

So you are a developer on this game then?

Did not think so.

Until there is a press release stating that those are the reasons for the delay, then I'll believe them. Until then it is purely conjecture on everyone's part as to why it is delayed - for all we know it could be due to the liscensing and inclusion of hardboiled on the disc too.

Until official conformation all we are doing is jumping to conclusions, simple as that.

HowarthsNJ5193d ago

UE3 optimizations for 360 were delivered by Epic shortly after the release of GeOW.

UE3 optimizations for PS3 are only just being finished RE: UT3

Too late for Stranglehold to meet it's release date.

Hatchetforce5192d ago

Chomp chomp chomp. Well now that it has been officially announced the us version is NOT DELAYED, how does that crow taste? Here, have another bite.

UMC5193d ago

This is it now, no demos and now this. I will sell my PS3 on ebay and buy a 360, had enough now, when developers find their way though CELL or whatever else, I will then buy a PS3 again. For now, I just want to play games and download games of course. I am no fanboy tough.

sjappie5193d ago

you're just a sensible gamer.

hazeblaze5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

Warhawk, Lair, Heavenly Sword, GRAW 2, & Madden all coming out within a span of 2 weeks and you're trading your PS3 in b/c of Stranglehold! Lol, yea right... you don't even own a PS3.

What makes it more obvious is that there is an abundance of demos available on PSN right now with more on the way out. Quit faking.

Anyway, this delay is likely related to the optimizations being done to the Unreal Engine for the PS3. All in all, that should make it a better game.

ShiftyLookingCow5193d ago

if you actually bought your PS3 for cross platform games like Stranglehold, that was moronic(see no personal insult, I am a wimp)

360Sheep5193d ago

**cough**TROLL**cough**... that is the stupidest thing i have every heard.

candystop5193d ago

You guys are so mature! Umc might be tired of all the delays and visuals not meeting that of the 360! Stranglehold is an awesome game and way better than I expected by the way and it's ashame it's been pushed back but I guess you guys are use to waiting anyway!

eLiNeS5192d ago

His comments show he was more a Sony fanboy then a M$ fanboy. I say it's a good move. You can always get a PS3 when they get desperate in a few month to a year and have another clearance or Fire sale.

Phish5192d ago

I'd keep your PS3 and get a 360 to own both. The 360 is strong now, but the PS3 has some quality exclusives on the way.

masterg5192d ago

I played the demo on my 360. It was a maybe buy.
I would have gotten it on the PS3 because I like playing on that one better (no noise and no break downs)
Now this game is off my buy list.

I guess I wound not have been played much because of warhawk anyway.

carlman235192d ago

So it does happen. When I traded in my 60GB PS3 at EB here in Ontario, Canada the guy behind the counter told me that I wasn't the first and wouldn't likely be the last. I don't hate Sony, I just don't think that there's any reason to own a PS3 (except maybe blu-ray) right now. By the time the system is worth owning, it'll probably be cheaper anyways, and I'll pick one up again!

UMC5192d ago

I appreciate all your comments guys, those who agree with and those who doesn't. My first console was an Atari 2600, and I had all consoles from that time. I had an Xbox and PS2 as well as a Gamecube and a PSP and DS, so this is proof I am no fanboy. I have sold them all to make money to buy a XBOX 360 and spare money to buy games, extra controller etc (2nd December 2005, UK launch), it died on me after 6 months, MS replaced it for me free of charge, and I took maximum care with both consoles but the replacement had the RROD again and MS wanted 86 pounds to fix it up, so I bought a PS3, yes I have got a PS3 bought from GAME on launch day and I love it but, I want to play games and download demos, this is not about Stranglehold, this is about paying 425 pounds and having to play Motorstorm and PS2 Fifa 07 as there no options righ now. I know that there will be AAA titles coming in the future, but I can't wait, I wish I could have both consoles, I don't care if it is a MS or Sony or Zing Ding Dong product, all I want is to play games and have fun.

360Sheep5192d ago

oh man, so you've already had your system die on you twice, and you are ready for some more... classic man, just classic.

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sjappie5193d ago

It's not a duplicate story, it's been delayed again. Pay more attention instead of reporting straight away Timmy. Bad spelling kingofps3? Get the hell out of here you fanboys!

dantesparda5192d ago

Who are you to call anyone a fanboy, when you're obviously one yourself.

SuperSaiyan45193d ago

Is this living? I mean really?

I played the Stranglehold demo last night on the Xbox 360 which is available on the marketplace to download for free and well not sure if its a must buy for me but the gameplay was a bit too arcadey - plenty of things that screamed 'arcade game'.

Anways lets see in the last 2 weeks of August starting from the 24th here is what you get to play on the 360:

Blue Dragon
Two Worlds

I think there are others not sure.

Whats out on the PS3?

sjappie5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

The ps3 version will be coming in november, enjoy!

If I was a fanboy, I would have said: HAHAHAHAHALOLO>LLNOWTHISISW AITINGROFLLMAO!!!!!!!!

But, I'm not, so I won't.

Blood_Spiller5193d ago

Two worlds is pretty crappy, don't get your hopes up for that game.

Violater5193d ago (Edited 5193d ago )

Edit: for the sake of my bubbles

VaeVictus5193d ago

Blue Dragon Sucks

Next two weeks, Madden and Warhawk. A few weeks after, Lair and Heavenly Sword. Plenty to keep me busy.

hazeblaze5193d ago

Bioshock will be awesome. Warhawk will be greater than everything else you named and will be followed a week later by Lair and Heavenly Sword. I was in the beta for both Warhawk & Halo and spent more time playing Warhawk... Halo is a great game, so that's saying something.

So yes, this is living.

the greatest5193d ago

Blue Dragon
Two Worlds
ill wait if thats all you got coming out
warhawk , Lair and Heavenly Sword by far is going 2 be
way more fun than those other games

candystop5192d ago

You guys just keep on defending your PS3 actually thinking Warhawk, Lair, and Heavenly sword will be more fun than any 360 game lol! Talk about a bunch of delusional clowns that are going to be so disappointed with there games for at least another year and a half! Warhawk looks fun but only for so long and Lair and HS will be jokes and very repetitive!

eLiNeS5192d ago

but you did!!!

And for the games you think will be coming out, are you sure they won't be delayed? Just saying.

sjappie5192d ago

so if they were gonna be delayed, we would've heard something by now, don't you think? These games are all finished at the moment, so I think it's safe to say they won't be delayed, but thanks for your concern, appreciate it.

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