5 Great and free PC games you should download

Don’t have enough money to buy games?
Don’t worry here are some great games to keep you occupied for a long time.

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T9X694064d ago

I heard Alien Swarm was really good, I wanted to try since I downloaded Steam to get Portal for free. Only thing is I have a Mac, and Alien Swarm isn't supported on Mac :(

comp_ali4064d ago

i think they will port it eventually like all valve games let alone an awesome free game like alienswarm.
patience .

table4064d ago

I hate alien Swarm. I don't know why because it looks a great game and great fun. I'm willing to admit I'm wrong on this one, but I just get pissed off playing it.

MagicAccent4063d ago

lol, what?
That was one of the strangest comments ever :P

Darkstorn4064d ago

I tried out Savage 2 last year and it was decent. There's a lot of strategy to the combat, but it's pretty enjoyable when you get the hang of it.

mushroomwig4064d ago

Also try 'Area 51', it's another free title you can download. :)

evrfighter4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

theres also classics like Enemy Territory, Mechwarrior 4, and FEAR multiplayer

and of course quakelive

Nuclearwinter4064d ago

If you liked Diablo and other games like it you should check out Battle of the Immortals. It's pretty decent for being free.

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The story is too old to be commented.