How To Spend £40 On WiiWare

NowGamer: A handful of games for the price of one, you say? Bargain.

If you’ve walked into a game shop more than once in the last few weeks, the likelihood is you’ll have felt a little déjà vu on your later visits. Outside of Starcraft II for all you PC types, it’s been a barren few weeks in the land of retail. But cast your eye over the various download services out there and you’ll find a world of undiscovered fun waiting for you and while it might not quite have the clout of PSN or Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare is no exception. Here’s our rundown of what you can get for the price of a normal retail release… and this little lot will last you far, far longer than most of those ever could...

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Cajun Chicken4688d ago

I'm really annoyed Cave Story still hasn't been released. Perhaps they're patching that sound issue.