Dead Rising Demo Live

The demo is officially Live for Xbox Live users to download. The demo size is 1014.81MB in size.

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RealDoubleJ5396d ago

but not in the newly released section. Scroll through the list of all games to Dead Rising & access it from there. Happy Zombie Hunting!!!

TheMART5396d ago

Hell ya, you just beated me by 2 minutes bringing this news ;)

But isn't it 1014,61MB in size or did I looked over a number haha

ArtG5396d ago

You're right, sorry. :P

T-Rac5396d ago

like RealDoubleJ said you wont notice it at first but its damn well there

whoop whoop let the blood fly and the brains be mashed up into little itty bitty pieces

TheMART5396d ago

There is another strange fact on MP last night, under Madden NFL 07 I found the two video's of Audioslave... Downloads were corrupted first, but after 5 tries it worked

Marriot VP5395d ago

yah that happened to me, no biggy just made me download it a little later.

ArtG5395d ago

It is AWESOME. I'm currently beating up zombies wiht their own arms.

ScorpioKyle5395d ago

it's awesome, found the Katana and was slicing zombies left and right

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The story is too old to be commented.