PlayStation Move Compatible PSN Games (RunDLC)

This fall, Sony hopes to make an impact with PlayStation Move, the publisher’s new motion controller. Although we expect to see quite a few games at retail, a handful of downloadable titles (some new, some old) will also feature Move support. Here now, is a list of games that’ll feature motion controls and perhaps, dare we say it, waggling.

John Artest (RunDLC)

ActionBastard4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

echochrome ii looks really interesting. I had no idea Flight Control was coming. It is fun as a time waster on the iPhone, but on the PS3? I don't know.

EDIT: @ Buff1044
Using perspective in the first echochrome was difficult enough, I can't wait to see the crazy shadow uses they put you through.

Buff10444809d ago

Yeah echochrome ii seems like a must play. I missed out on Flight Control on iPhone for whatever reason, so maybe I will give this version a go.

PJF_Josh4808d ago

It's definitely a winner in terms of a puzzle game. Just as mind bendingly messed up as the previous Echochrome games. Once I got through the initial control trepidations on the first level I was having a blast with it.

Forbidden_Darkness4808d ago

They forgot the build block game that was announced at E3

Buff10444808d ago

Oh Tumble! Ok...maybe they will add it.

Buff10444808d ago

Nice...Tumble was just added to the list!

Forbidden_Darkness4808d ago

Hmm... Are you from rundlc by any chance?

GeoramA4808d ago

Edge Magazine has Tumble as their best Move PSN title. Even over Echochrome II.

Flight Control HD looks great as well.

I'll be buying all three :)

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BootHammer1292d ago

This is greatly appreciated right now. Gotta fight this cabin fever ;b

brando0081290d ago

Great recommendations, I love all the games listed that I've played so far. Going a bit stir-crazy with the constant WFH during this time. Thanks!!


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