Crash Team Racing set for PSN Aug 10th 2010

In response to a question posed on the PS Blog site Grace Chen, Senior Manager of the Playstation Store, confirms that Crash Team Racing is at long last being released on PSN.

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clank5434569d ago

FINALLY!!!!!! I loved this game. Me and my sister played this all the time when we were younger and I would really like to play it again.

rockleex4568d ago

4 player split screen Battle Mode.
Adventure Mode.

We always used to play this game anytime people come over. ^_^

yoshiro4568d ago

yay...crash team racing was one of the funniest games of my childhood...thank you sony, thank you naughty dog :D

tokugawa4568d ago

i loved this game, and i must say that this is as good as any mario kart games.. would've loved to see an on-line though.

now if theres one franchise that needs to be remade for the HD consoles with complete on-line support then this is it.

this will sell loads, and a resurrected franchise would be a MASSIVE hit aswell.

Erotic Sheep4568d ago

Despite this being an awesome game, I can't see how this will "sell loads" seeing as we already have Modnation Racers which is a better package.

ThatArtGuy4568d ago

CTR was better than MK64, in my opinion.

sikbeta4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )


Old school Crash Bandicoot FTW!!!

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Quagmire4568d ago

This has been out on PSN for years, hasnt it?

Cots14568d ago

First game I ever bought on PSN

DigitalRaptor4568d ago

In Europe yes. What a classic!

Now SCEE should get their asses together and release Spyro in Europe.

nintenflo4567d ago

yeah that and gran turismo 1 and 2 would be nice!
gimmee gimmee gimmee already!!

dollydolman4568d ago

Yeah, I bought it the day I bought my PS3 back in 2008... maybe it's a US thing lol.

Cajun Chicken4568d ago

Oh great. Maybe the EU will finally get Crash 2 now.

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The story is too old to be commented.