Crash Team Racing - Naughty Dog Created the Best Kart Racer on PSone

Considering that Nintendo popularised the template for kart racers on the SNES, in 1999 Naughty Dog fine-tuned the sub-genre's gameplay mechanics with first-rate physics and controls in Crash Team Racing on PSone, which encourages you to combo Turbo Boost Meter and jump hang-time speed bursts.

Even if its fantastic track design seems directly influenced by Mario Kart 64, and its diverse Adventure mode suggests inspiration from Diddy Kong Racing, Crash Team Racing surpassed decent cutesy racers like Motor Toon Grand Prix 2, Speed Freaks, and Toy Story Racer on the original PlayStation.

It also bettered mascot racers like Sonic R on SEGA Saturn, so Crash Team Racing's imaginative visuals, funky soundtrack, and addictive arcade gameplay ensures that it belongs at the front of the fifth-generation's karting pack, alongside the finest kart racers on Nintendo 64.

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Immagaiden862d ago

I wish Jak X was as revered a kart racer

zahdab862d ago

how many Kart racers were there on ps1?

DarkOcelet861d ago

Naughty Dog created the best kart racing ever made. No matter how many kart racers I played, none of them came close to how awesome CTR felt except maybe Mario Kart 8 but it still wasn't close enough. It's insane how well CTR holds up almost 20 years later.