Naughty Dog Responds to Multi-Platform Madness

DualShockers writes,

"Recently a post on the internet made its way to the top slot on news aggregates stating that Naughty Dog (creators of the Uncharted franchise) was looking for game developers with Xbox 360 experience. This led way to the belief that perhaps the company would go multi-platform and sparked major debates numbering in the hundreds of responses. Turns out, as easily predicted by rational logic, Naughty Dog has no intentions of going multi-platform and made a quick remark recently reflecting so. Take a look at that comment:

"'Where is this rumor? Haven’t seen it. We’re also wholly-owned by SCEA since 2001, working on SCE consoles throughout our history'."

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AndrewRyan4803d ago

I for one am glad this is cleared up now.

MattyF4803d ago

There was nothing to clear up. They were hiring people who are familiar with current gen hardware. If Nintendo starts to hire people with PS3 and 360 experience, does that mean they are making a new HD system soon? No.

moparful994803d ago

I sense that the new "IP" that they are supposedly working on will be a psn title..

ExplosionSauce4803d ago

I wasn't even aware this had reached "madness" levels.

Max Power4803d ago

@ExplosionSauce... I agree, it seems only some people in the "media" determined it was at a "madness" level (i.e. idiots in the video game community that believed a mutli-platform game was being developed from a Sony Studio).

MicroSony4Life4803d ago

you do realise that N4G is not the best place for gaming news right.

Belive it or not this PS3 vs 360 crap is born here and does not really reach far into the other gaming sites. You might have your one or two trolls but they gave up after they see that no one is feeding them.

sikbeta4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )


They needed to clarify this, some sites ("journalist" = people who should know about ND) went mad about the possibility, even if it's obvious that Naughty Dog is a First Party Studio and by that, they'll never make a multiplat game and they make Exclusives Games for PlayStation Platforms...

Persistantthug4803d ago

Even some of the most well known game developers use N4G.

zeeshan4803d ago

Awwww poor HHG. He must be sh**ng his pants right now!

R2D24803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )


Biggunz4803d ago

coming from a site that relies on twitter and forum posts like examiner.com for news articles... The site that you write for and blog sites like it are the problem with video gaming news today.

badz1494803d ago

so, there's really nothing to be cleared up except maybe for those who are too dumb to even believe ND is going multiplat!

morganfell4803d ago

This type of idiocy will continue to mar the reputation of N4G as long as the owners and mods allow Contributors to submit idiotic stories with the sole intention of causing trouble.

Bloodmask knew full well the idea of ND working multiplatform was fools journalism yet he went ahead with the story.


Digitaldude4803d ago

*Facepalm* this is a sad day in gaming...

SaberEdge4803d ago

This was like a "no duh" situation. Like most of us said in the original article, Naughty Dog is owned by Sony and there is no way that they would be working on a multiplatform game.

snesfangirl4803d ago Show
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N4BmpS4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

Somebody send Naughty Dog a link to Koku gamer or whatever the site was called. Let them get a good laugh too. I know I did.

I know that's why I'm not sending them the link, they issue out a hit, if they read it.

tokugawa4803d ago

seeing as naughty dog are 1st party, how can they be going multi ?? lol

wishful thinking me thinks on the part of people that dont have a ps3..

skip2mylou4803d ago

explosionsauce not when fanboys are saying OMFGBBQ hahhaha sony droids what now u losted naughty dogs now you guys aint got shit hahahhah omg another sony 1st party gone and dun a multiplat

SaberEdge4803d ago

VERY few people said that. Don't blow it out of proportion. The article was stupid and the vast majority of N4G users knew it made no sense.

skip2mylou4803d ago

its because fanboys are in denile that they thought naughty dog would be multi so they could laugh in ps3 fans face

BkaY4803d ago



CrippleH4803d ago

What people don't understand is that ND helps other developers as well. They helped Bungie and Bungie helped them. There was an interview on 1up.com. They interviewed this guy from ND ICE team and he stated if any developer needed help with PS3 coding the Ice team would help and they can use that data to even improve the 360 version.

CimmerianDrake4803d ago

The reason the mods and site owners do nothing about the flame bait articles, opinion pieces, and lack of following the guidelines when these things are posted is because it does the same thing for N4G that it does for the pathetic sites who make these bad articles... generate hits.

You don't want these garbage articles approved? Then don't click on obvious flame bait feeds HERE. Or, if you do, do NOT discuss them. Don't give N4G the hits they want thanks to flame wars between fanboys. They're getting revenue thanks to the contributors like Bloodmask who will submit anything. Why do you think Bloodmask has such high points in his contributions? He and the site owners/mods live in a symbiotic relationship. Bloodmask submits flamebait article A, which generates flamewar B, granting N4G and the originating site of the article hits, which pays the bills.

N4G will always be this way if you don't stop helping it.

Domer254802d ago

Pretty much sums it up--------

quadalupeupe4802d ago

now they post this article to counter it lol

all a way for Dualshockers to get more hits on their site, yes they really would stoop to that level

its dualshockers afterall, keep an eye on all their articles and how all their employees approve it quickly and are the first to post on it all the time

UP4802d ago

Dualshcokers did not make it up it was Kokugamer http://kokugamer.com/2010/0...

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LordMarius4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

Obviously, anybody that thought otherwise were being delusional

and since they are hiring, I hope that means that Unchart3D is very well underway