Indie Dreamcast Devs Push XBLIG Boundaries with Solar Struggle

Ex: Faithful Sega Dreamcast fans may recognize the name "redspotgames." The indie developers have gained a loyal following by extending the life of Sega's short-lived console with quality titles like Rush Rush Rally Racing and Last Hope.

Recently the company revealed their oft-teased next release - Solar Struggle - and shocked their fanbase by announcing it for the Xbox Live Indie Game channel.

From the beginning, redspotgames designed Solar Struggle to stand out among the typically sub-par releases on the XBLIG, and the company isn't shy about their intentions.

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darthv723187d ago

I have seen some pretty interesting indie games on xbla. This is one to watch for as it is more traditional xbla quality from what i have seen/read. Indie games are usually 80 points so this one costing 400 should make it more of a regular xbla title.

CrAppleton3187d ago

Pretty much everything about the Dreamcast rocked! I wish they would bring back more of the games. I wanna see a new Rush racer

Queasy3187d ago

This looks worth checking out.

Neco5123187d ago

Agreed! pushing the boundaries though? We'll see

killyourfm3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

well, by COMPARISON? Absolutely. If you look at the budget, the voice talent, the depth of the presentation.

morventhus3187d ago

yah there pushing the boundaries.... no indie game has had this much thought and effort put into it.... Which hopefully after this game is released... will change... id love to see more games like this on indie games

shadowdancer3187d ago

RR Rally Racing was tons of fun - these guys are dedicated to their games, can't wait for this!

Blacktric3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

"The story is well thought out, includes plot twists and will be filled with cut scenes and voices from famous voice actors."


killyourfm3187d ago Show
killyourfm3187d ago

My "???" comment (now not editable) was because you wrote a lengthy blurb about Mass Effect 2 in here, but I see you've edited it now :-D

Blacktric3187d ago

Hahah yeah I know. I confused the tabs on Chrome and wrote the comment on wrong article. Sorry for that :D.

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