War World Hands-on Preview

While there's no denying that there have been some great Xbox Live titles released since the service was implemented, many of the games were either recreations of old school arcade games or simplistic casual games. Much of this was due to the fact that Microsoft limited the file size of Xbox Live Arcade titles to 50 MB, which didn't give developers very much leeway when it came to creating the game of their dreams.

However, now that MS has announced that they'd be giving developers more megs to work with, we can hope that we'll be seeing some nicer-looking, deeper arcade games. TeamXbox recently had a chance to pay Ubisoft a visit for an exclusive hands-on with War World, an exciting new XBLA game from Australian developer Third Wave.

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Sayai jin5715d ago

Nice, I like XBLA. When I get on Xbox Liv I feel that am connected to all of my friends can play my music, change my background, download games, demos, music videos, movies tv series, chat and PM. I really like playing Geometry Wars!

ParaDise_LosT5715d ago

the game looks great for an XBLA title....

MK_Red5715d ago

Not sure about the gameplay but these graphics are Crysis quality for a XBLA title. Hopefully the game turns out great and sells enough so other devs make more of such gorgeous downloadable titles.