Xbox 360 vs. PS3 = Pepsi vs. Coke for gamers

»PS3 or Xbox 360?« is not the only question of principle in the whole games industry. At the moment it is the »Pepsi or Coke« question for gamers, Videogameszone thinks.

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dark-hollow3090d ago

if you prefer the ps3 good for you
if you prefer the xbox 360 good for you
to each his own i guess

thereapersson3089d ago

*hits back button after commenting*

edhe3089d ago

Pff, nube - should be closing the tab!

But seriously that site is trash, absolute mince - sack the approvers!

mikeslemonade3089d ago

In this case PS3 would be the coke and 360 is the pepsi. Most kids like pepsi better. Coke has been around longer.

darthv723089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Mike, what happened to coke when they tried to reinvent themselves with new coke?

You may be on to something. PS3 is like the new coke. Messed with the formula that was tried and true and then realized shortly after they had to scrap it and go back to what made coke...COKE.

Sony messed with the ps3 formula and then realized they had to go back to what made the PS brand so traditional. Concentrating on the games instead of trying to be all snazzy like 360 does with everything BUT games.

I like both (Pepsi/Coke) and it just happens that coke is more supported throughout the world where pepsi is really big in the US.

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Projekt7tuning3089d ago

But I like Sprite.
Damn, I'm always left out.

Downtown boogey3089d ago

It's not like you didn't deserve to be, you freak!!

BeaArthur3089d ago

Technically Sprite is a coke brand. Maybe that means you just like arcade games.

WhatARump3089d ago

I dunno I don't really care either way about pepsi/coke or ps3/xbox360

Downtown boogey3089d ago

Pepsi or Coke... Whatever.
PS3 or 360... Might taste the same but sure as hell aren't the same thing!!

WhatARump3089d ago

I wasn't talking about literal taste but rather personal preference :)

bjornbear3089d ago

depends on my mood.

however, if we were talking consoles, I can only afford one pepsi or one coke, and atm im in the mood for coke, so here's my 2 cents

morkendo3089d ago

to say i like ps3,i like 360?
like Rodney King would say : CANT WE ALL GET-ALONG
and just GAME ON!! for peep sake.

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BornToKill3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

i prefer the PS3 cuz it's beast. i always had a 360 but it broke... but i'm picking up the 4GB console today.

HeroXIV3089d ago

Coca Cola just tastes better than pepsi. Pepsi has a weird after taste and the carbonatedness (lol) is too low. Gets flat quicker than coke.

Projekt7tuning3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Yea coke burns.....Oh, OH!.... Were talking about the drinks. That's embarrassing.

Umbrella Corp3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

wanna get high?

ZombieAutopsy3089d ago

Coke doesn't burn so I'd stop doing the shit you're getting it's most likely mixd with something.....or just roll a 151 (at least that's what I think they where called).

Projekt7tuning3089d ago

Guys, we forgot about Captain and Coke.
Shame on us.

ZombieAutopsy3089d ago

Pepsi taste like flat coke to me but in the end it's all about Lost energy drinks.

Downtown boogey3089d ago

It's true though that Pepsi DOES get flat faster.

DA_SHREDDER3089d ago

Pepsi does get flat faster, but it taste way better than coke when its just opened

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ChronoJoe3089d ago

Not really an accurate analogy, suggesting there's no significant difference is silly. Then again this is another crappy .de article, so what did I expect.

hennessey863089d ago

they both have there good and bad points and i wouldnt be without either of them

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