GameStop August Online Deals

For the month of August, GameStop is offering a few online only deals. Two offers are available for the entire month; the other is only available until August 15th. If you’re buying online, make sure to take advantage of these offers! Remember to include the appropriate code at check-out.

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Trroy3186d ago

Uw wow. 15% off ALL Wii games ($30 and up) for two weeks straight?

That's a whole lotta desire to clear Wii inventory. I guess GS is trying to prep for the holidays, and they've discovered their bargain bins will be overflowing with unsold Wii junk if they don't sell some stock soon.

RockmanII73186d ago

I need to buy a new headset, a year of Gold, and really want some MS points. I was really hoping for a deal on accessories. I should have enough money to get all this when Reach comes, but every dollar counts.

tweet753185d ago

they were "sold out " online but i went to my local gamestop and they were there. These deals are only good online. Go figure.