No Move or Kinect for Fight Night Champion

Eurogamer writes: "EA's work-in-progress boxing game Fight Night Champion will not support Move or Kinect motion controls, gameplay producer Brian Hayes has told Eurogamer."

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Smootherkuzz3182d ago

Come on EA just do it,Kinect would be sweet for a game like Fight Night,This is some of the game types that would make Fight Night/Kinect alot of fun.I think alot of people would buy it and you do not have to play 3 min rounds and 12 to 15 rounds a bout,let the users determine the time and level of the on the blocking and movement to evade on coming punches it could use some work in the last version.With that said, Fight Night is a must for Kinect also bring back Road Rash(Kinect)or just bring it back.