14 new screenshots from F.E.A.R. on the 360

Check out these new screenshots that will have you truly fearing for your life!

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highps35400d ago

Screenshot isnt working there is only 1...

TheMART5399d ago

Get the link and then on the bottem of the new screen/website that opens you can choose of 14 pictures

Bill Nye5400d ago

I like how they covered up the IGN watermark with their own in all the screenshots.


F.E.A.R is going to be killer.... mwhahaha. i love fu(ked up games...

keeshee5399d ago

is this franchise realy that good i v never played any before it looks scary and good effect but looks like its all point blank shooting is this true?

PS360PCROCKS5399d ago

Go download the demo off of File Planet off IGN if you have that membership, this is a remake of the PC title I believe because I watched the video on IGN and it seemed like the same game, anyways, it's fricking AWESOME, if you can play the demo and you will be freaked out by it, it's creepy and than it switches it up with intense action scenes that are unbelievably realistic espescially now on the Xbox 360 because they updated alot of the physics work, added guns, etc. it will be a AAA title no doubt