Madden NFL 08 'PS3/Xbox 360 Compare' HD

View the video to see the true difference between the Xbox 360 Madden NFL 08, and the PS3 Madden NFL 08...

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Depressed Mode6163d ago

I think a little bit better video quality would have been good.

ArduousAndy6163d ago

you can totally see the difference. The lines are choppy on the ps3 where as they are more fluid on the 360. with that said. no one would ever know. Since no one plays video games at 25% speed.

radzy6163d ago

to see the real difference,it must be watched in hi-def.

a- go to 1up.com

b- there is a videos section on that page. you will find john madden 08

c-there is a option to download the video . choose wmv .

d-it is 157mb in hd

e- now compare

sloth4urluv6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

Only reason you cant tell the difference at 100% speed is because the video that you watching is only at 30fps...

Any PC gamer knows that running at 60fps looks way smoother than running at 30.

Edit: lol disagree n00bs. I said noting pro 360 or ps3. All I say is 60fps looks far superior to 30fps and I get disagrees.

Get your facts straight. Old article but same hing still applys

And if your disagreeing with me on the 30fps video your dumb too. dosnt matter that they recorded at 60fps I am positive they didnt encode this video in 60 fps.

InMyOpinion6162d ago

Fanboys go crazy over stuff like this. Most of them are currently at Stage 6, where they start hallucinating and disagree with everything no matter what. They just can't take it. It's their way of using fists instead of words.

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power of Green 6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

You won't be able to tell much from this poor video we're going to have to wait to see them on a HDTV to bring out the qualities.

Jittery YouTube qaulity videos are probably not the best way of doing this.

DrPirate6163d ago

100% agreed, only Gametrailers should be allowed to do Comparisons. They do them better, and in high def.

risk6162d ago

wow..something we can agree on!

xbox360elitegamer6163d ago

Yeah I agree the quality of the video isn't so good, but I still like the video. It's cool!

MK_Red6163d ago

Shouldn't the HD be deleted from the title?

Marty83706163d ago

It's crappy american footie for gods sake.

Al6163d ago

Its all about the pig skin

VaeVictus6163d ago

Sorry dude, I'm a PS3 fan like you but I must disagree. American Football > all sports combined X's infinity.

sjappie6163d ago

That's too easy for us, we use our feet. Now that's a sport!

LSDARBY6163d ago

British Football > American football
anyone who says otherwise is probably american

Azures6163d ago

"British Football > American football
anyone who says otherwise is probably american"

And thus making our opinion more valid.

VaeVictus6163d ago

I'd rather watch old ladies sew quilts than watch soccer. "What an exciting game, a captivating 1-0 finish after 90 minutes of people chasing a ball around." Yeah, exciting.

American Football ftw.

peyotiux6163d ago

Football = Soccer

Now i dont know why people call AMERICAN football just plain football, they hardly use their foots to play it, its more like AMERICAN rugby or something

QuackPot6163d ago (Edited 6163d ago )

I've played Soccer and Rugby League and know both games well

American Football as a video game is far more enjoyable than a Soccer or Rugby League - especially that tactical play. IMO.

As for the comparison. These are stupid if the development doesnt utilize the full potential of a certain console. Just shows up how lazy they are.


Association Football = Soccer = Football(Most countries)

Rugby Union Football = Rugby(aka Football NZ/Aus/SA)

Rugby League Football = Rugby League(aka Football NZ/Aus)

American Football = Football(North America)

as well as Canadian, Australian, Gaelic Football codes.

Soccer doesn't doesn't have the rights to the name Football purely because it's mostly football.

In fact, in the mid 19thC Rugby and Soccer use to part of the same FOOTBALL union before going their separate ways.

So just enjoy your particular Football code and stop being fanboys.

Trick Nolte6163d ago

American Football player use their hands to cathch while 1 or more 200+ pound Cornersbacks, Safetys, and linebackers wait to light that ass up like the 4th of July as soon as the ball touches those mits.

The tuffest people in soccer arent the players but its fans. those people get down and dirty.

Sorry Pip!