9 August games that guarantee you'll never succeed in school

EX: "We entirely endorse the merits of academia, but if you're completely irresponsible and value having fun more than learning some rubbish you'll forget in a few months anyway, here are ten awesome titles coming out this month that will consume your free time and ensure you'll never get good grades."

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Urmomlol5106d ago

Decent list. Eh. Dunno about Kane and Lynch 2 --demo didn't impress me.

StarCraft II (even though it was a July game) will make tons of kids drop out of school. It'll be like 1998 all over again.

BeOneWithTheGun5106d ago

the demo blew. Same ole take an enemy, splice him to make more enemies, have each one take two steps, duck, blind shoot, pop head up, re-duck (word?), shoot again....

And holy crap the controls? They were clunkier than my GMC Hornet I bought when I turned 16.

The story will be pretty decent, I'm sure but man the rest of it looks like a big pile of crap.

HolyOrangeCows5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

The only thing that felt different was the cover system, and even that is still a bit flawed.

I'm having fun with the multiplayer in the demo, but that doesn't mean I'll blow $60 on it.

ReservoirDog3165106d ago

I actually thought it was a pretty good demo. Maybe I'm just looking at the story potential though. Either way I thought it was good.

Also, didn't know Valkyria Chronicles 2 came out August 31st. With KH BBS and that coming out the same week, my PSP's gonna get a lot of use. Also I need $80.

Rumor5106d ago

i love the title of the article, but november is the month of games :)

FACTUAL evidence5106d ago

@ kane and Lynch 2. Umm I'd rather do my school work thank you. XD

5106d ago
ChickeyCantor5106d ago

"heh heh...school sucks!"

Until you realise how important it was that you should have finished it.

killyourfm5106d ago

I think VC2 is going to rule my August! Fortunately I've been out of school a long time. I'm not telling *how* long.

Queasy5106d ago

Good thing I'm out of school.

GusBricker5106d ago (Edited 5106d ago )

...is FAR worse for my wallet.

Mafia II, for sure, though.

Blaze9295106d ago

Starting the semester up again in August sure does blow. This summer felt great and it allowed me to realize how many games I had stacked up to play that I couldn't due to being in school. August, the only game I'm looking forward to is Mafia II.

Then there's Halo Reach in September. Ulgh....might just have to be a part time student this semester haha.

At least one good thing comes from putting off gaming for school work: when you finally remember to pick it up it'll be cheaper :).

Sharingan_no_Kakashi5106d ago

But I don't care I'm in college for game design so I just convince myself that playing games IS studying lol.

MMFGaming5106d ago

It is, sort of. Gives you inspiration and new ideas to experiment with! The best way to learn is to experience and see what's out there. And if that means spending 8 hours a day playing WoW so you can learn about level design instead of studying for your mid term, so be it!

hassi945106d ago

Don't encourage him MMF! :P

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