As Sony Clicks, Its Chief Aims for More

After announcing strong quarterly results and a more bullish full-year outlook, Sony Corp. Chief Executive Howard Stringer said he expects the momentum to continue for the Japanese conglomerate as gains from a restructuring and new products spur improvement at its core electronics division.

During the global economic slump, Mr. Stringer has guided Sony through a restructuring marked by losses, factory closures and job cuts. Now, as a more streamlined Sony delivers improved results, Mr. Stringer said he is focused on creating growth through new products, including a coming Internet television set that is being developed using Google Inc. software.

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RememberThe3574500d ago

but this man is getting things done.

ChozenWoan4500d ago

Sony is heading down the right path that over the next 5 years could very well lead to the best years Sony has ever had. In respects to technology, financial growth, and public recognition. With all of the great products they are coming out with, they are proving that they are an electronics giant on a mission.

Now if only they would get it together and bring out the PSP2 with 3G and a second analog.... what a wonderful world it would be.

yippiechicken4500d ago

It's too bad when there are so many factory closures and job losses when companies have to reorganize. I know that's one of the reasons why they need to reorganize but you just hate seeing people lose jobs.

Darkstorn4500d ago (Edited 4500d ago )

I wouldn't say the man is getting things done. In fact, Stringer has been responsible for massive downsizing and hundreds, if not thousands of firings over the last few years. You can call it a 'restructuring' if you want, but the industry insiders know what's going on.

Sony's strength lies in the girth of franchises on the PS3. If Stringer starts clearing out the more artistic developers, there's going to be hell to pay (plus, Flower and Pixeljunk have made Sony millions).

onanie4500d ago

How else would you do "restructuring", the purpose of which is to improve the efficiency of the company?

Was there any evidence that Sony was going to clear out "the more artistic developers"? If anything, it appears to be on the contrary, especially when it is compared to its main competitor.

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Chris3994500d ago

What a brilliant, eloquent man. To come into such a staunchly xenophobic and traditional company and turn the entire institution on it's head takes both genius and leadership (as well as a very thick skin).

On a side-note, I'm curious to see how Sony's relationship with Google develops, they seem to be shyly courting each other as of late.

ActionBastard4500d ago

The link below is in regards to GoogleTV, but hints at the future. I saw the same 60 minutes interview. It was such a big deal because you had a westerner running a Japanese hardware giant IN Japan.

ActionBastard4500d ago

So true. Not only is he the British CEO of a Japanese giant, he IS getting done what he said they would.

Leon_Blu4500d ago

I will stay by Sony for life

TheKing874500d ago

ken kutaragi took over Sony instead of howard?

do you think he would have done a better job or no?

Ingram4500d ago

Ken Kutaragi is an electronics engineer at heart, he may be able to act as a CEO, but IMHO Stringer is the man for the job right now.

I wish Europe had a better management though, with the legal issues card and the lame PR.

ReBurn4500d ago

This restructuring combined with their make.believe universal marketing campaign is doing great things for Sony in my opinion. They finally have focus across the organization and a consolidated message that carries over to everything they're doing.

Incidentally, the make.believe dynamic theme is what I'm currently rocking on my PS3. I think it has a positive message.

yewles14500d ago

This makes me ask a question. Is it a NEW Sony, or the return of the old Sony, pre 2005?

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