SEGA: update on AVP console patches

It was never our intention to give PC games a superior version while console owners are left out. We had no plans to work on another console patch for AvP - the PC update was meant as a favor without wanting console users to feel bad about the update. We are and we have always been very sympathetic with our awesome console community and had not intended to make them feel left out in these changes. We're sorry for any ill will towards the product and ultimately wanted players to enjoy the game as it was intended across the 3 platforms

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JonDiskonected3091d ago

WTH!!!!! they felt satisfied with their product on consoles??? the matmaking is broken and on ps 3(dont know about 360) your xp always resets!!!! and they're satisfied with it??? what a bunch of money grabbing idiots

matt19913091d ago

i only played a max of 10 matches but there was a glich were you can get xp in the singleplayer.

JonDiskonected3091d ago

if I'm not mistaken, they removed that in the latest patch

but when you lose your xp in mp, that means you lose your skins too

Greywulf3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Its such an easy formula to get right, but they always manage to screw it up some how. The game was just bland, bad, and repetitive. Its like falling for a scam, getting lance henrickson involved, the interviews, the media hype. It was terrible. The online was a joke... but not only that, 1/2 way through the predator campaign, it just launches you into the outside of the map. So you DIE every time you load this level, can't get past it. Have to reinstall, and that didn't even work. It clearly wasn't tested by anyone.

I bought the PC version thinking it would at least be the better version, but the graphics are meh at best, and the performance again is meh.

As somoene said below, they just smash & grabbed with the NAME behind the franchise.

The only good AVP game is going to have to be made by fans. As a third person/first person view type title. The online could have been brilliant. But every single fucking thing about AVP sucked.

I really loathe the media for the obvious pay off, or whatever the hell you want to call it. THere is nothing redeemable in a title like AVP, and as a gamer, the media "gamers" should report it as such. I mean, its like they willingly lie about a product to get it to sell. Thats our "media" in gaming. Its like its the Media + Developers then theres us stupid gamers who don't know any better since we cant get decent demos anymore.

I want Rocksteady to make a AVP game, bet it would be tight as hell.

Snoogins3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

I've never seen such angry words before reading SEGA's comment section, and I was one of the vicious bastards who threw verbal feces at Naughty Dog for fucking up the multiplayer in Uncharted 2!

Shame on SEGA and Rebellion for abandoning this game instead of fixing the broken mess they released. Not to mention how SEGA botched the PS3 port of Bayonetta, and if it weren't for Sony stepping in to fix it, it'd still be a broken mess too. Valkyria Chronicles is the only thing SEGA has done right this gen.

Alos883091d ago

My concern is more than Sega have dropped all support for this game, as once this happens shutting down the servers tends to only be a matter of time.

Elven63091d ago

Do the console versions use dedicated servers?

It hadn't even been six months since the game had released and it's not like it sold poorly on consoles either, they even released DLC. Decisions like this really make me lose hope in SEGA, heck, I still can't get past the save eating bugs in Condemned 2!

The fact that SEGA and Rebellion claim the game is in a good condition on consoles is disappointing since it sounds like it isn't even close to that.

JonDiskonected3091d ago

if I'm not mistaken its not, theyre host based(if the host leaves, theres no host migration, everybody just get kicked out)

XactGamer3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Just goes to show AVP was nothing but a brand name smash and grab.

dizzleK3091d ago

sega needs the resources for the other turds they'll be releasing, don't be too harsh. /s

i actually liked avp but besides maybe a handful of games (vc, bayonetta, condemned ) they're released some real shit this gen. if it weren't for sonic fanboys, they'd be out of business.

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