A reminder about the Starcraft 2 overheating issue

If you Starcraft 2 players out there don't already know, this is just a reminder about the serious bug with the game that can overheat your graphics card to the point that it can melt. Initially I felt something wrong...

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dethgar3006d ago

Thanks for this, I didn't know about it. I guess my 5770 doesn't pull enough frames to heat up.

JsonHenry3005d ago

I noticed my 5870 gets a little hot when looking at the CCC. However I just manually set my fan speed to 65% and it never gets over 62 degrees Celsius. Still plenty hot but not out of the "normal" range.

Proxy3005d ago

My HD4850 already runs at 110c+ when under load, it's been this way for a good 2 years now and it shows no signs of stopping now. :)

RedDragan3005d ago

Does this even effect the Radeon HD series?

I have the game to set Max and the cards have never overheated, I left the game on the Menu for hours and it was exremely stable.

I got the 5870 in Crossfire. If I hadn't seen this report I wouldn't have known about it tbh, I think Blizzard should be refunding people for the cards if the game caused the issue as it was their fault through negligence.

HumanStark3005d ago

My roommates videocard died this way just yesterday.

and now he's late on utilities because he had to buy a new card. THANKS BLIZZARD

XactGamer3005d ago

I'm just going to come out and call you a liar based on your console fanboy comment history.

Perjoss3005d ago

good investigation work or stalker behavoir?


HumanStark3005d ago

ahahahahhahahahahahahahahah what.

Thecraft19893005d ago

why did he not stop playing and check problems when it started getting laggy because that's what would happen if it got to hot I remember when i finished upgrading and i did not tie some cables and a cable stopped my graphics cards fan within ten minutes of play batman AA i notice it being laggy check my temps checked graphics card problem solved you friend would notice unless he is retard.

Alos883005d ago

This is worrying, I'm not too sure of the specs of my PC but they are hardly new. I hope I can run this game safely, I'm about to order it.

STONEY43005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Read the article. All you have to do is modify the variable.txt file and cap the menu framerate to at most, 60. Other than that, the game shouldn't give you any problems.

Spenok3005d ago

I agree that this is an easy fix, its just ridiculous that you have to mess with some features the make sure your hardware doesnt fry.

Capdastaro3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Didn't this happen in the beta too something to do with Nvidia drivers?

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The story is too old to be commented.