How TV Influences Video Games

There is nothing new about taking a TV series and making it into a game. However, other TV mechanics like cliffhangers, episodes, or references to TV shows are not entirely common. GameZone takes a look at how some games use the TV show structure in their gameplay.

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Caspel4200d ago

Alan Wake was disappointing, but at least it was better than Alone in the Dark.

wicket29614200d ago

I thought Alone in the Dark and Alan Wake were both great but I prefer it when games are based on books because then you capture the whole thing... Shadow Complex was great.

Wasdy4200d ago

Seeing those Lost:Via Domus screen shots made me cringe.

oldhouse4200d ago

Lost hatch in wolverine game was really really fun.

But how not to mention Lost island inside Just Cause 2? And don't forget that if you fly over that island with an airplane, it will crash!

Caspel4199d ago

I did not know this. I want to try that out now.

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The story is too old to be commented.