PlayStation Plus: Sony's Doing It Right (RunDLC)

A short while ago, we posted an article discussing PlayStation Plus and Sony’s room for improvement. Although we saw potential in this new service, slim pickings didn’t seem to justify the subscription costs. Well, after logging on this morning, we’re proud to say that the publisher’s clearly on the right track to delivering a product the community will get behind and love.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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Game-ur3658d ago

I want an option to disable trophies and save protection, and offer cheats, I don’t want to use easy mode, I want to play on hard not die and keep pulling the trigger and throwing grenades, I want to feel the pleasure of leveling up after every fight; I want to buy everything in stores...

In the not so exact words of Gordon Gekko:
"The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that cheating—for lack of a better word—is good. Cheating is right. Cheating works. Cheating clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of fun"

Mr Tretton3658d ago

you can disable trophy notifications. So other than that you don't have to even look at/sync your trophies.

I don't even care about trophies but I don't mind the pop ups, and every now and then I look at them.

Game-ur3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I meant disabling trophies to allow importing saves, the reason there is save protection is to prevent trophy tampering, so my problem is not with trophies directly.

And games like Batman AA and RDR had built in cheats but using those disabled saving.

Before trophies I downloaded a MGS4 save to get the bandana and camouflage and I used cheats at my leisure in GTA4, I want to have fun like that again, and I will get PSN+ if it featured these options.