Reserve Sonic Colors and get the Sonic Hat

Via Gamestop, it was revealed that if you preorder Sonic Colors for the Wii, you will get a free Sonic the Hedgehog hat!

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clank5433364d ago

I really hope this game lives up to its potential. they said its pretty much just day missions from Unleased, so that sounds good in my opinion.

Myst3364d ago

Yep I think that is the ONLY reason I'm interested in this one. I'm glad they listened to people and just remade a game so that it was only day missions for the next title.

gumgum993364d ago

Sega has really been stepping up their feedback response on Sonic games lately, so I'm excited on the results of this game and Sonic 4.

giantchicken3364d ago

Just stop trying to ressurrect him.

gumgum993364d ago

They can try as many times as they wish. If you don't like it, then stop trolling and go somewhere else.

lil boy blue3364d ago

My lil bro will this game.personally will get sonic four.