Fans Can Experience Virtual Green Racing

Michelin: "The simulation uses the Gran Turismo 5 arcade racing game for the Sony PlayStation as the outlet, and a team of developers who have integrated portions of the MICHELIN® GREEN X® Challenge. Fans can now experience firsthand what goes into determining the winners of the race within a race that rewards teams that travel the farthest, fastest and with the least environmental impact."

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UltimateIdiot9113971d ago

I personally am getting really annoyed with all the going green stuff. There are times where I would have use less and try to economical but with all these bombardment of being "green". I simply don't like all these ecofreaks trying to save every last drop of water.

dizzleK3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

it's a money making scam which preys on peoples guilt. period. the establishment portrays those who don't recycle for example, as being worse than hitler. people don't want that stigma of "shame" so they buy recycled paper towels. where a racist might say "hey i'm not racist, i have black friends" when confronted, now its "hey, i'm not killing the earth, i'm buying the eco-friendly rat poison".

"being green" is just another facet of political correctness.

"So people will claim to hold these positions, in order to present a correct face to society. To do otherwise means that people will think ill of you - at least your social group and the peers you move and work with. Because it isn't that society's shame and rules were eliminated, they were just shifted to another, different set."


IRetrouk3971d ago

excuse you, dont you mean SIMULATION.