DeathSpank - Trophy Guide

PlayStation LifeStyle writes "DeathSpank is an action RPG that gets its comedic styling from the mind of Ron Gilbert. Packed with 12 trophies 1 gold, 4 silvers and 7 bronze. Use our trophy guide to acquire all of those difficult trophies."

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Baltis3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I've been playing the hell out of this one. Play it for about an hour to two hours a night. Very glad I bit the bullet and got it. I was against it because of all the praise it was getting and I didn't care for the demo much. This is one I'm glad I went against my better judgment for. This is the kind of PSN games we should get more of. As in quality. This is a damn good game and one worth every penny of the 15 dollars they're asking for it.

This is one of maybe 3 other PSN games that actually seems like a full on game. A real one. Most PSN games seem shallow and lack production values. I like to often compare PSN games to older games froo the 8bit and 16bit days a lot. To where as we spent 50 bucks for a Legend of Zelda, a 15kb game, and it was worth every penny. I often stack up these smaller PSN games much the same way. The Legend Of Zelda was a small game in size but the game was quality. It felt like it was worth more than your 50 bucks. That is what DeathSpank seems like to me. A full on game with quality and attention to detail. Much like many of the old 8 and 16bit games I loved paying to play. If they are worth it they're worth it. And Deathspank is worth it.

decimalator3716d ago

Yeah, this is no Cash Guns Chaos (sorry CGC devs). This game feels like a winful amalgam of the old school point and click adventure games, and the old school RPGs that weren't about wacky combat systems and emo characters. It's funny, it's entertaining and it's only $15.

decimalator3716d ago

This game is fscking awesome. I think we need more Deathspank. And bacon. And Justice.