Do DMCA Exceptions Legalize PSP Homebrew?

PlayStationLifeStyle writes "The Library of Congress recently announced some exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that governs usage of copyrighted electronic material. The DMCA, signed into law by unanimous vote by the U.S. Senate in October of 1998, places restrictions on everything from posting copyrighted videos to video sharing sites like YouTube, and even circumvents DRM in computer software and video games."

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Yi-Long3716d ago

... to play Persona 3 with the original japanese voices plus english text, instead of having to settle for a horrible english dub!?

If so, than that's reason enough in itself to mod your PSP.

doctorstrange3716d ago

But I'm gonna bet that 99.9% of people who modded their PSP did it for less honourable reasons

raztad3716d ago


That is right. It's incredible tempting to get games for "free" by a simple download, than paying for it. I know because I had my PSP modded for several years. I upgraded to OFW, and now I'm just playing what I really want to play and actually supporting devels. PSP games are actually very cheap.

DaTruth3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I also would rather support developers that feel comfortable spending time and money making good games than get crappy games for free!

I had my PSP modded and played more Genesis games than PSP games, because the PSP games sucked @ss. But once GoW:CoO was released I was perfectly happy to pay for it and stopped modding!

Bought maybe 4 games for it since(not including PSOne classics), but I know that if it wasn't for the pirating, I would be enjoying my PSP much more!

@Trexman89: I think it is legal in almost every country but the USA!

gtamike3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

My PSP is hacked, free games FTW :)

Trexman893716d ago

I thought it was legal before, and just frowned upon...and sony would just "reserve their right to refuse service to anyone"

T3mpr1x3716d ago

They're still able to do that, but I think this just means that people creating custom firmware cannot get sued...On mobile phones, anyway, though I think that would set precedence for handheld consoles as well.

decimalator3716d ago

Yeah, they block consoles with CFW from the PSN and from the PS Store. There are ways around it, but it's a nuisance.

What this does, like T3mpr1x says, is decriminalizes it and prevents Sony from suing CFW developers from releasing code, and prevents the CFW developers from being charged under the DMCA.

It still doesn't prevent Sony from blocking CFW from playing online on the PSN, and blocking from the PS Store and releasing new firmware to try to prevent CFW from being able to play new games that require that level of firmware. It's the same kind of cat and mouse game that the iPhone hackers play with Apple.

joinsideke3716d ago

I have cfw but just use homebrew apps. I think it's an amazing step in the PSP, just taken to foul extremes with most folk.

Taggart4513716d ago

It'll be good to follow this and see where it goes, where the line is drawn and such. Will Sony support the homebrewed PSPs? My PSP was hacked from the moment I got it but I just put on the OFW just a few months ago. I feel a lot better about it, on a personal level. I just feel better paying the people who did the work, rather than stealing from them.

decimalator3716d ago

I put CFW on my old PSP-1000, but I've never downloaded a game illegally. I also have a PSPgo that I buy games for from the PS Store. I even bought games I already had on UMD.

So yeah, I have a pretty mixed view of the situation. I don't condone piracy. But I do think that we should have the ability to modify the system if we can allow it to do things we want it to do that Sony doesn't see fit to add support for, or doesn't think will appeal to a mass market, or whatever reason. I think it's one thing to prevent piracy, and another to prevent fair use of the hardware that someone has paid for.

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