Xbox 360 4GB, Why?

TGH: Microsoft recently announced the price of Kinect and a 4GB model of their popular new Xbox (slim) model. The model itself is very sleek looking like its big brother counterpart but why such the small internal hard drive? So again I ask, why would Microsoft choose such a small internal memory where every good downloadable title is about a half a gig (500+ MB).


Article has been corrected including the first paragraph you see above. Sorry for the confusion.

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MightyMark4273008d ago

already have the 250GB slim and it's worth it in every way

bioshock12213008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Why is it stupid? 4GB is more than enough for casual gamers it's about options if you are the type of person that is going to buy movies and download games, buy a lot of DLC, or install your games then go with the 250GB option.

But if you are just a person who just wants to play games then 4GB is more than enough most game saves are smaller than 1 MB and most DLC on Xbox live arcade are not that big most are under 1 GB. You guys do realize not everyone is aware of Xbox live or even aware that DLC exists for games. Most people just want to play games and that is why the Arcade/Kinect bundle was made for.

BeaArthur3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Agreed, what is anyone going to go with 4GB?

OSU_Gamer3008d ago

I would say it was stupid if there were no other storage options. With cheap 16GB flash drives available the storage issue is minimal. I have been surviving on a 20 GB hard drive for my 360 since launch.

MorganX3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Everyone who wants a console in their home can't afford games at $60 a pop.

With XBL (price of one <$40 game/yr) they can have access to the best arcade games available. Few are over 700k. You can add up to 32G USB Storage (16 x 2) and it performs great. No loading delays whatsoever.

I've run Resident Evil, Darksiders, and a 2 GB Episode of Law & Order: SVU. Microsoft has optimized their drivers. Kudos for that, I was using microSDs.

4-36 GB of flash storage is more than enough for anyone who is price conscious. The only thing they can fill it with is a bunch of movie downloads. With Netflix, I doubt that happens.

If this unit falls to $149 look out!


2 x 8 GB microSD with these readers, sweet! I use this reader for ReadyBoost on laptop too!

kneon3008d ago

It may end up being stupid for the customer but the target customer won't know that until it's too late, just like they probably won't know they need to pay to play online. In order to attract the casual crowd with Kinect they have to have the console+Kinect bundle priced within spitting distance of the Wii. A hard drive would drive up the cost too much.

I found the comment about annihilating the competition with a 1 terabyte drive pretty funny. You can add that to a PS3 now if you want, and for far less than Microsoft would ever charge for such a drive.

chrisnick3008d ago

people bought the arcade that came with what...a 512mb stick? MS knows their'll complain, but you'll probably still buy it.


ts to replace the current arcade system which only has 256mb flash built in...Duh! 4gigs is better than no gigs.

MorganX3008d ago

The arcade SKU existed before Kintect ... duh.

Anon19743008d ago

When Microsoft dropped the price of the Arcade below the Wii and dropped the price of the core 360 - sales spiked but it only proved to be temporary and they didn't make a dent in Wii sales. After that price but fizzled out the 360 suffered 4 consecutive quarters of year over year declines and were completely outsold by the PS3 and Wii worldwide.

If the 360 couldn't make an impact when it was the cheapest console on the market, what chance is it going to have at the same price with a different color, a little more storage and wi-fi? Is that really what Microsoft thinks was holding them back this whole time?

This is just my opinion and I could be wrong. Maybe the 360S and the new arcade will leap off the shelves and next quarter will be a blowout - but I just don't see it. I think the 360 will have a spike due to the lower price when they were getting rid of old stock but that it'll fizzle just like the last time they had a price cut. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Mmmkay3007d ago

You can do a lot with 4 GB. My first PC had 20 MB HDD and that was helluva lot of space..

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Christopher3008d ago

4GB is likely for Kinect purposes.

DelbertGrady3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Good God how sexy it is! And the controller and headset looks different. The new controller is all black and the guide button is much nicer. Headset is sweeter as well. Loving it.

@ above - If you want more space just throw in a 16gb usb. Or six.

MorganX3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I believe there is a limit of 2, but I'm sure MS could increase that with an update.

edit: Don't see why they would unless they won't be trying to profit of HD accessory sales. 64GB of flash and you can forget about ever selling an HD to an Arcade owner.

kingboy3008d ago

does this guy ever game?dude seems to spend more time on N4G than the average gamer would on a daily bases

ActionBastard3008d ago

The 360 is limited to 2 USB flash drives simultaneously, so you're maxed at 32GB. So........If you want more space just throw in a 16gb usb. Or two.

Blaze9293008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

"but why such the small internal hard drive? So far there is no sign of having the ability to replace it. "

Well first of all, the 4GB Xbox 360 units hold the 4GB using internal flash memory - not an internal hard drive. Second, there is the ability to replace or rather, upgrade that if you want as the Hard drive storage bay is left unoccupied for anyone who wants to add a hard drive to their system - much like current arcade units now.

4GB is more than enough for the casual crowd that will even buy this unit and the Kinect bundle. They aren't installing games, downloading content yet alone likely enough to even connect to Xbox LIVE. Like I said, 4GB is more than enough 'for that market'. Remember, not ever region has Xbox LIVE or capable internet to access LIVE.

Microsoft knows what they are doing - funny how everyone seems to know more about what 'they' should do with 'their' product and how to sell it.

ProA0073008d ago

well said. journalist need to do their research before writing nonsense. And I agree, 4GB for the "casual kinect crowd" is way more than what they'll even need.

green3008d ago

My nieces and nephew live in Nigeria and they want me to buy an xbox 360, Kinect + kinectimals as a christmas gift for them. So WTF are they going to do with 250gigs of space? There is no XBL service in Nigeria, so there is absolutely no need for 250gigs.

As Bioshock said, its all about choice. If you need the space, get the 250gig. if you don't, the 4gig is more than enough.

JasonXE3008d ago

you make some very good points.

Persistantthug3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

So why can't your relatives in Nigeria get into XBOX LIVE by just profiling their account as a US or European based account?

Like, what would happen if they tried?
What about PSN?

Just curious, thanks

green3006d ago

Sorry for the late reply. In Nigeria, we still use dial up internet connection. Internet connection of around 512kb/s can cost a household around $500 a month. Now considering the fact that Nigeria is a 3rd world country, a huge majority of the population can not afford that. And even at that speed, it is still to slow to piggy back off another server in the states to play xbox live.

ANd even if it were possible, my nieces are 12,10 and my nephew is 8 and i see no reason why they should play competitive multiplayer games online until they are at least 16. So as i said earlier, there is absolutely no need for anything more than 4gigs for them.

himdeel3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

...console UNTIL you realize you need more space to do other things. However for an entry level system to the 360 line of products this makes perfect sense for a casual consumer. Just enough space to get started and more than you'll need for most casual use.

I think the only problem is after people see and experience the other things access with a 360 console do they then end up with the short end of the stick. That's when they realize that they cannot download all the games they want off of Live without losing something. Likewise I believe that for the most non casual traditional "gamers" 4GB of space just doesn't make any sense.

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jack_burt0n3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Really the 4gb model has no HDD bay!?! seriously? I find that hard to believe.

Then this article is total frickin fail.

Motorola3008d ago

wait so you cant put a HDD in????

Blacktric3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Article states "So far there is no sign of having the ability to replace it". It says "SO FAR THERE IS NO SIGN". There actually is. ShopTo confirmed in the product description that it is possible to upgrade it. The console isn't out yet (it's set to released in August 20th according to ShopTo again) so when it's out, they'll also release an HDD upgrade for it. No company would be stupid enough to make a console like this and make its HDD non upgradeable.

Edit: Description from ShopTo's page;

"The 4GB of memory will be on-board, meaning consumers are free to add a Microsoft hard drive to the machine at any time."

"The built-in 4 GB drive has room to store game saves and "IT'S REMOVABLE TOO", just in case you ever want to take it to a friend’s house."

Edit: @jack_burt0n

It says "on board" first then it says it's removable. So this one might have another internal slot for a small hdd or some other type of storage device. Or like exactly as you said it might be a USB stick.

jack_burt0n3008d ago

that sounds more like a 4gb usb stick.

Queasy3008d ago

It has the same HDD bay that the 250GB model has. Worthless article.

Christopher3008d ago

It does have a HDD bay. The 4GB is all internal.

darthv723008d ago

From the technical stand point both the slim units are the same with the inclusion of 4gb flash memory onboard for the 4gb unit. Both would use the same case design although finished material will differ (matte finish vs glossy). Both use the same board revision with internal usb port for included wifi.

I would imagine there is also the drive bay. Reading the article i saw nowhere that it states the removable plate that covers the drive bay has been replaced with a solid case design.

This post simply stated the obvious of no internal hdd or way to replace the internal 4gb of memory. The unit will have a hdd bay as reported by many other sites. There will be a bay but as of right now there are no current drives to fit within that bay on the market.

kneon3008d ago

I doubt they would be that stupid, can anyone confirm this one way or another?

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Zir03008d ago

Its a significant upgrade from the previous 512MB. Throw in some usb sticks you can make 36GB cheap.

DlocDaBudSmoka3008d ago

not in this day and age, where everything is 100+ gb.

OSU_Gamer3008d ago

For casual gamers 36GB is quite a lot. Remember, this bundle isn't aimed at hardcore gamers.

MorganX3008d ago

Funny you should say that. Harcore gamers are just as unlikely to need gigs of storage. Hardcore gamers aren't trying to load 100 Gigs of downloaded music (ROFL) and Movies. They're playing, mostly FPS' all day and night.

I'd like to know who really needs 100 GB for "gaming".

GuruStarr783008d ago

might as well buy an elite.

-MD-3008d ago

Its not a 4GB harddrive, it's 4GB flash memory so you can add an HDD later.

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