Forza 3 Limited Edition vs. Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition- Gameplaybook

It's a battle of two collector's packages as we pit these racing titans against one another to see who offers the better value to racing fans.

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MariaHelFutura3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Forza was born from GT. GT (GT5 especially) is the ultimate racing game. If you like cars you LOVE GT. If you like Forza you should love GT, aswell. As for collectors edition`s, the GAME GT5 is a collector`s item. ;)

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deadreckoning6663004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Neither. If ur a HUGE racing fan and you have the money, then more power to ya, but the reality is that your going to play the GAME..not the box the game comes in.

ExplosionSauce3004d ago

Wasn't the second disc in Forza 3 for installing content that couldn't fit in the main disc in the first place?

EVILDEAD3603004d ago

Gran Turismo 5 has the luxury of coming out an entire year after Forza 3...everything from packaging to value will be in response to how Forza 3 launched last year..

Forza 3 is an amazing racer..the 360 owners got a's the best that's out there now..

But we all know the years and painstaking detail that poly has put into GT5..from the amount of the night racing will raise the bar..once again

For me..Polys take on Nascar is what I'm most interested in..looking forward to playing this beast in November


FishCake9T43004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

@1 I am a huge GT fan myself, its my favourite game series, but how can you say GT5 is the ultimate racing game when it hasnt even been released yet. GT5 looks amazing but only time will tell if its the best racer ever. PS The article is seriously desperate.

Greywulf3003d ago

Polyphony made a new engine, and a new game. With features that PreDate Forza2. No matter when F3 would have surface, it would still ship with 8 cars on tracks, low detail, no track editor, no weather, no night, no 1080p, disappearing tracks, incorrect cockpits etc, no wrc, nada.

Polyphony is creating the game that they want to create that speaks to the enthusiasm & manufacture community. And its worth the wait, which is why people will line up to buy it. Even comparing feature to features, Forza can't compete. The only way it can compete is with metacritic scores that each mention Gran Turismo isn't out yet, so this will hold you over.. I mean come on, the Forza series hasn't even won over a large % of enthusiasts out there judging by its sad sales compared to the large # of 360's out there. The only thing Forza has going for it, is the decal system. Which it had in F2. Oh and GRID's rewind feature.

Give me a break with this nonsense.

All car games are generally the same thing. The only difference is physics & photo reality, which nothing can compare to GT even on PC's they come short in the visuals department.



1 site, of Xbox fanboys who also pretend to be PC enthusiasts who are made fun of in the world of GTR/Gplegends/Rfactor were the only site to come to that conclusion. If it was such a better game, its retail release wouldn't have barely sold the same amount as gran turismo's demo.

You guys love Sales = Quality more than reality. So theres that to chew on, as well as just pure quality you can see in screens/video/presentation.

PD does a good job at making games.

Turn10 does a good job at rushing out garbage, lying to its consumers about things like photomode in cockpit view, car resolution, retarded online modes, same # of cars as the previous title on screen, little to no particle fx/atmospherics, forcing you to use 1 steering wheel, and copy and pasting cad models to slap an unrealistic physic model on.

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Optical_Matrix3004d ago

They're not serious surely? Has it gotten so pathetic that retail packages are now being compared? Do not want.

OSU_Gamer3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


GT5 is awesome, but these little comment continuations are stupid

D4RkNIKON3004d ago

Real Driving Simulator. That's what he was going for


Well you all f*cked that one up.

mcnablejr3004d ago

people want silly agree's from blind fanboys.

there's no comparison here. GT wins hands down.

WLPowell3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


The fact that GT5 buy itself will offer far more content than Forza on 2 discs could should have decided this right away.

Christopher3004d ago


Sorry, but the level people will go to in order to continue to compare these two IPs is just ridiculous, IMHO.

bjornbear3003d ago


wait and see...

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