PS3 Netflix adds search option

Netflix just became a lot easier to use on the PS3. No, you still need a disc (for now), but the application has been stealthily upgraded with the ability to search for and watch videos from the entire Instant library. For example, typing the letter "A" quickly revealed Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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jaredhart4580d ago

Nice. When it becomes disc free I'll use my PS3 for netflix!

Dan504580d ago

Its that difficult for you to put in a disk? I guess you have no disk based games on the PS3 and just download everything.

OSU_Gamer4580d ago

It sounds like he has both consoles, and if you have the option between a disc free 360 or a PS3 that needs a disc, its an obvious choice.

I don't see any fanboyism here.

jjacinto234580d ago

i saw this feature since last week when i order the netflix disk for ps3.... i thought that was old feature but still nice............(off topic) i was watching the whole season and episode of Heroes on my ps3 last week

Motion4580d ago

I personally think my 360 elite is too loud, even without a disk in it it. And being my 3rd replacement, I have no need to turn it on if I don't have to. Its easy enough to stick a disk in the ps3.

0mega44580d ago

hulu+ has made it where netfilx has gone and redesigned the way it will work the the ps3 and will offer a disc free version before the end of october

Snoogins4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

You really cannot blame jaredhart for choosing convenience here. I hate having to swap a game I have been playing just for the Netflix disc.

I am loving this new search function! Now I don't have to sign in to Netflix with the slow as mollasses web browser.

Diamondwolf4580d ago

The disk is really a problem, and I think it needs to be high priority to get rid of it. I am on my 5th Netflix disk in 3 months of service, and that's rediculous

sinclaircrown4580d ago

Agreed, his comment made sense, unless you try to make everything on N4G a fanboy issue. Which some people just can't seem to help.

PLEASE bring this feature to the 360, I hate not being able to search. Such a basic feature.

darthv724580d ago

Considering it is netflix's app I would assume a similar move will be made to the wii as well. Unfortunately for the 360, MS designed that UI and I would love for them to refine it to allow searching as well.

Interestingly enough, I have used both my psp and dsi to access the netflix site and add items to my instant queue. Funny how that works.

I use all 3 and like the look and feel of the 360 interface personally but this little update is certainly welcomed for the ps3 netflix users.

evrfighter4580d ago

It took way too long to find my disc yesterday. I'm done with netflix on ps3.

WildArmed4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

I dont know about you, but my obvious choice would be having a search option =/

I'm just saying.

I have both, and mainly have been using my 360 netflix until the update last week.

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D4RkNIKON4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

I am previewing Hulu+ right now and I also subscribe to Netflix on my PS3. So far one of my favorite features that the Hulu app offers that Netflix doesn't is the ability to pull up the XMB and check what friends are online, read and send messages and it doesn't even pause or stop the show. I hope Netflix will do the same once it becomes disk free.

WildArmed4579d ago

That's the ONLY allure I see in Hulu+.
But I'm still hesitant to shel out 10$ for such little content (compared to Netlfix)

But time might change my mind

Bgibbs4580d ago

Because you use your disc drive when you play a movie?

Godmars2904580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

They're obviously stepping up their game because of Hulu+, and the consumer gets a better product.

[email protected]:
I expect that it'll be coming to the 360 and Wii versions of Netflix soon enough.

Though I can't help but notice that they "snuck" this into the disc version via an DL update. Irony much?

kissmeimgreek4580d ago

yah it was announced that search will come to the 360 version around a big update this fall ( id guess for kinect compatibility)

Non_sequitur4580d ago

This option isn't new. I've known about it for months now.

KillerPwned4580d ago

This feature was added days ago and we just now get a article on it?

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The story is too old to be commented.