10 Great Game Environments

Bitmob community writer Bruno Dion: One of the elements that interest me the most in video games is their environment; the space they create and in which the action and narrative will take place. Here is a short list of 10 game environments (in no particular order) that hooked me in one way or another.

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Seijoru3007d ago

Too many wasteland kinda environments in this list. What about U1's lush jungles or Just Cause 2's Island?

admanb3007d ago

Red Dead and Fallout 3 are too many? :P There aren't many on that list that I'd count as wastelands.

bbretterson3007d ago

I'd definitely add Uncharted 2 the list.

Etseix3007d ago


on the train stage, i was getting killed a lot by being looking at the dam enviroment (since the jungle until the ice caverns)... dam u enviroment!

bearsfaan3007d ago

Ohh, Panau is a good one. I'd have put it on the list, even though the game itself wasn't that great. Loved Wind Waker's world for sure.

Darkstorn3007d ago

I'd have Rapture higher, and I'd also go so far as to include Deathspank's environment. Very creative.

Ratchet_Co3007d ago

Uncharted would be a clear addition. Love the fact that they included Prince of Persia in there.

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rod_furlong3007d ago

Dunno about that Spider game, but the rest certainly make sense...

Gungnir3007d ago

I was looking for Morrowind or Oblivion. World or Warcraft is also pretty vast in terms of real estate, and has a good amount of variety.

MeatAbstract3007d ago

The first time playing WoW is just great. Such a great, colourful world to explore. A great enviroment.

alphakennybody3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

SOTC is my favorite environment in any game its so vast, mysterious and peaceful.

Baltis3007d ago

SOTC and Zelda WW are much deserved. The rest, meh. None of the rest of the games are that good.

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The story is too old to be commented.