Amazing Game From Ex-Naughty Dog Developer

If you have any Iphone/Ipod touch you’ve probably given the new puzzle hit Helsing’s Fire a try, but did you know an Ex-Naughty Dog created it?

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Cloudberry3009d ago



Unfortunately I don't have an Iphone...

samoon3009d ago

Trust me get one, the iphone has plenty of sweet games that no one talks about. If not an iphone just get an Ipod Touch, thats what I did.

OpenGL3008d ago

Too bad there's no real way to play them. Even with multi-touch old games like Doom are extremely difficult.

Akagi3008d ago

Yeah, gaming on an iPhone/Touch kinda sucks. Your hands block the visuals, its never smooth either.

MexicanAppleThief3009d ago

Well I saw some of the videos that came with U2, and some of them talked about how everyone was a expert on their field of work and how hard it was to get a job there in Naughty Dog. It seems like a very prestigous place to work and one of the videos said that they had free lunches and lots of breaks courtesy of Sony...


Alos883008d ago

Sounds like this old dog learned some new tricks!

3monthsp3008d ago

dude releasing it for iphone and not the flop that are psp games.

3008d ago
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