America Pre-Order Chart for Week Ending 24th Jul 2010

VGChartz Writes:

1- Starcraft 2 PC - Weekly Change: 111,421 - Total:796,187

2- Halo Reach X360 - Weekly Change: 118,699 - Total: 647,012

3- Madden NFL PS3 - Weekly Change: 35,434 - Total: 272,999

4- COD:Black Ops X360 - Weekly Change: 21,138 - Total: 233,576

5- Madden NFL X360 - Weekly Change: 28,692 - Total: 217,178

And Kinect Games jumps over the chart.

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Omega43005d ago

Reach is a beast, and two Kinect games already in the chart is a good sign for Kinects success.

facelike3005d ago

What Kinect games are on the chart?

panasonic233005d ago

kinect advent is above The Last Guardian

40 Kinect Adventures! X360 15 7,768 20,406
41 Final Fantasy XIV Online PS3 N/A 2,324 20,331
42 Dead Space 2 PS3 27 795 19,617
43 Kinect Sports X360 15 2,007 19,431
44 The Last Guardian PS3 N/A 144 18,561
45 Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 PS3 N/A 227 18,479
46 Madden NFL 11 PSP 3 1,994 18,401
47 SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs PS3 N/A 1,454 18,319
48 Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 X360 N/A 488 18,020
49 Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar DS 4 1,587 17,525
50 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

panasonic233005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Kinect adventures is beating last guardian and socom 4 wtf.

tinybigman3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I don't like gaming on pc so I don't give much thought to those games, but what makes Starcraft so popular?

I would really like to know I haven't seen a pc games on top of vgc preorder in like forever. What makes this franchise so special?

Anon19743005d ago

It's not surprising that there is interest in Xbox titles over PS3 titles in the US - 60% of 360's sold worldwide have been sold in the US alone. For reasons alien to me, the 360 has about a 10 million console lead over the 360 in the US so it's no wonder that the US pre-order charts reflect this. It's no different than how Sony has a lock on the Japanese market - other than the size of the US console market is bigger.

Not that pre-order figures really amount to much. How often have we seen "OMG, Game X has 5 million pre-orders!" and then when the game releases it sells like any other game and those supposed "5 million preorders" all but vanish?

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harrisk9543005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I don't see any Kinect games. :/

What I do find interesting is that Madden and MoH are higher on the list than their Xbox counterparts.

RockmanII73005d ago

MoH has exclusive DLC, the exclusive MoH Frontline HD game, and more PS3 people have been in the beta. Really no shock its doing better than the 360 version and I expect to see the same from Dead Space 2 and Portal 2.

Xeoset3005d ago

I'm more surprised the Wii hasn't got more games on the list.

360: 8
PS3: 5
Wii: 2

RageAgainstTheMShine3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

VGChartz website was made for the sole purpose of making the XBOX360 look good. Don't bother.

0mega43005d ago

this chart isn't even close to accurate

Shadowstar3005d ago

How do you get to the full chart? I only get 20 entries.

Cmoney3005d ago

then u can view all titles and sales

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panasonic233005d ago

this is impossible pc gaming is dead but SC2 is the #1 preorder game in America.

comp_ali3005d ago

stay in business , otherwise you won't see your long awaited next gen console.

ProjectVulcan3005d ago

None of the evidence ever points to Pc being dead, its just a fallacy again. Console gamers might like to think its dead, but it just isnt. Starcraft 2 will be one of the biggest games of the year just like The sims 3 was one of the biggest games of last year, selling 4.5m units in 2009 and continuing to sell. It was right up there in terms of single format game sales.

Starcraft 2 will be too at the end of this year, i guarantee it.

panasonic233005d ago

wtf i know pc ain't dead look at SC2 preorders, i was just mocking the pc haters on n4g.

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wanaraceu3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

GT5 will start getting major steam from now on. It's only 1 behind of COD ps3 version of back ops

aviator1893005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

It is nice to see GT 5 picking up its numbers.
@wanaraceu...well you edited your statement so I guess I'll take mine out.

wanaraceu3005d ago

Yea ur right. Wait until uk numbers are in for gt5. I forget the exact amount but gt4 was millions ahead in Europe over US. But I guess now it has NASCAR so might do just as good in USA to

aviator1893005d ago

Good to see Black Ops isn't doing that well. :-)

Fishy Fingers3005d ago

So is this just retail outlets? Because a good number of PC gamers will go the digital download route, if that's the case SC2 must be doing very well.

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