Top Ten What Were They Thinking? (Console Edition) present a top ten list that is a little different. This time we look at the dumb moves, dumb choices, dumb results and all in all dumb things that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony has done over the years.

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alphakennybody3010d ago

another excuse to bring up the lack of BC on the ps3, get over it!

alphakennybody3010d ago

I do own a ps3 and also a working launch slim ps2 and I'm sure many other still have one(ps2) that works. So PS3 lacking in BC isn't that much of a big deal at all.

thorstein3010d ago

And I can play my PS2 games on it. Everyone had the chance to get one.

GWAVE3010d ago

I guess people continue to forget that the 360 is only compatible with a handful of Xbox games.

darthv723009d ago

Yeah..that sure is a "handful" alright...

Saddly though, the one I have that I can't play is MGS2 substance. Every other xbox game I have plays perfectly fine.

And...what's funny is this list isnt limited to any specific model of 360. ALL units are capable of playing these games.

Anon19743009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

My PS3 plays old PS2 games just fine, but I prefer to play PS3 games on it. If I wanted to play PS2 games I would have kept my PS2 - or bought a PS3 console that could play PS2 games. Oh wait, that's right. I did. Just like millions of others did.
Now if you want to play PS2 games you have to go on ebay and buy a PS2 for $50. Oh noooo! Or buy a PS2, which they're still selling.

Aren't these guys sick of bitching about BC yet? It's been, like, 3 years now.

mastiffchild3009d ago

People complained about the PS3 being too expensive and Sony took out the features they could based on what they cost AND what people actually used to reduce costs. guess what? Even those of us WITH BC PS3s didn't use it very much. That's why i often feel the clamour for BC to return is mainly coming from people with zero intentions of ever buying a PS3.

Recently our camping PS2 died(festival accident)so I needed to replace it. It cost me £20 to get a decent used one with a ton of games included. Seriously, the lack of BC is not an issue for anyone who can buy a PS3 in the first place and in the past year I've played precisely two hours of PS2 games on my 60gig PS3. Since Persona4 there's been precious little released that you'd want anyway and certainly NOT above actual PS3 games.

Another point is that it WILL return and in a massive way when Sony release the next PSP. It playing the entire back catalogue of the greatest console ever(imho-as far as a library of varied, quality gaming is concerned at least)will be Sony's best crack at the handheld market EVER and they aren't daft enough to pass up putting all the games on the PSN. Fact remains, though, that portable gaming is where you'll WANT to pay PS2 games when current gen titles are what you really want your PS3 for, no?

You want to play PS2 games? then you can and for WAY,WAY less than buying a PS3. Failing that or if you live in such a tiny place that you cannot fit two consoles in your home buy a launch PS3. There are choices but the question does NOT need answering at all-not these days anyway.

HolyOrangeCows3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Hardware BC is expensive and software BC is inefficient.

Buy a Ps2 and Xbox original. They're cheap, and guess what?! They have ONE HUNDRED PERFECT Ps2/xbox "BC"! Yeaaaa!

animelover104873009d ago

people need to stop bitching about ps2 backwards compatibility you had a chance to get one, and you can still buy a ps2 easily so please stop fucking whining >:(

rockleex3009d ago

The people who complain about BC are the ones who said BC didn't matter and Sony should just take it out to lower the price of the PS3.

I was a defender of BC because its an important feature to me. I supported that feature by buying a PS3 when it still had that feature.

The people who attacked BC are now the ones complaining about how stupid Sony is to take it out in the first place.

Kleptic3009d ago

I bought a 60gb in 2007 that popped, and loved the BC back then...but can admit I don't use it nearly as much as I used to...and that 60gb ylod'd, but I was able to get another 60gb in its place from Sony...

I like having it, even though I rarely use it...and to me it really is shitty that Sony removed it...Anyone saying 'go buy a PS2' is dead wrong the BC PS3's were WAY better than PS2 with wired controllers...You had nearly unlimited save slots as you could 'create' memory cards on the HDD and swap them in and out of the 'slots' from the OS during gameplay...not to mention a DS3 being far superior to any wireless controller ever offered for the PS2...don't really recall how well the upscaling or 'smoothing' worked for PS2 games on the BC PS3's...but to me the PS3 playing PS2 games was much more convenient that having another console under my TV...

If it wasn't there from the beginning I probably never would have cared...but it does suck they removed it...

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rumplstilts3009d ago

Fat PS3 was 600$

For most that is not an option.

Backwards compatibility is standard now.360 has it. Wii has it. Why can't PS3 owners have it too? Why are you guys trying to defend them removing features that have become industry standard? Besides, it is annoying having to unplug and plug in everything to switch between consoles.

gamerzBEreal173009d ago

dude right now 360 will cost u $350 and down the line (5 more years end of this gen) $600 and ps3 has ps1 backwords compatibility and xbox360 only has some games backwords compatibile and not all 360s can even play those few games lol u fail

mrv3213009d ago

Don't you need a hard drive for BC on 360? SO it's not a standard, plus it doesn't work with all games.

The PS3 has a universal hard drives and plays all PSone games ( correct me if I'm wrong )

TheTeam063009d ago

The Wii can play my N64 cartridges?

PS: A 60GB PS3 is $350 at this point. 20GB and 80GB models are even cheaper.

Axecution3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

I guess people like paying 600 dollars [i did, btw] for their game consoles, and i guess they like features being removed, and also like having to unplug systems just to play PS2. I guess they also disagree about the wii and 360 having backwards compatibility too.

Honestly though, it's frustrating beyond belief to see that you have disagrees... I hate the fact that theres no backward compatibilities in the new PS3 models, cause, if my 60GB model ever breaks, then im screwed.

How could somebody possibly click disagree? GggggaaaAAawWWddDDdddd people are stupid. >.<

Redempteur3009d ago


This is a message to inform those who don't know that every ps3 ( slim or not ) is still BC compatible with PS1 games .

This is all

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LordMarius3009d ago

#1 should have been MS rushing the 360 out to the market with its hardware problems

ico923009d ago

why dont people just get over it the number 1 reason why the ps3 doesn't have BC is the fact that the PS2 is still out and selling

ger1013009d ago

I find it very weird that people are saying the PS2 is still being sold.

There's three game shops where I live and not one of them sell a PS2, not even a used one. Having said that, they do sell pre-owned PS2 games and they're dirt cheap too.

MRMagoo1233009d ago

every shop i have been to that sells consoles still has brand new ps2s for sale Kmart EBgames Game JBHIFI Tandys Toyrus target every single one there not hard to find and are cheap as anything it would cost you less to buy a new ps2 and a ps3 slim than it would to get a 60gig BC ps3 so who cares about BC i dont use it on mine anyway i have 2 ps2s for that.

ger1013008d ago

What's with the 8 disagrees? Is it really that surprising that there are three shops that don't sell PS2s? Hell, when my PS2 broke a few months back I had to buy a new one on Ebay because the shops where I live hadn't got them.

The Sony fanboys on this site need to calm the hell down.

@MRMagoo123: Different countries/companies have different suppliers, maybe? You're lucky if you can just walk into a Toys'R'Us and pick up a PS2. Saves you having to go and buy one online and wait a month for it to arrive.

HolyOrangeCows3009d ago

A lot of these aren't really "what were they thinking?" moments.
Like Nintendo 64 using cartridges, Game Boy Advance no backlight, No Gameboy Advance in Nintendo DSI, and Playstation 3 will not play Playstation 2 games.
Some of those are a tad disappointing, but not "ZOMG WTF WERE THEY THINKING"

Persistantthug3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

How can releasing a console that's broken on at least 50% of every owner who's bought one since 2005 NOT top the list?

There can be NO bigger "no no" blunder than that....Not ever.

N4PS3Fanboys3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

The writer explained that in the comments section on his article:

"A) it wasn’t a choice, Microsoft did not CHOOSE to put the RROD in there, it happened, everything else on the list wasn’t due to failure of the console but due to choices made by the companies."

Persistantthug3009d ago

Microsoft put that console out KNOWING it was defective prone.

They knew, but they didn't care, because getting to the market first was the priority for them.

Microsoft knowingly put broken consoles out on the market ON PURPOSE, rather, for a purpose, N4PS3Fanboys.

n4gno3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Just another stupid excuse for xbox fans (without ps3 most of the time) to complain about things they don't care :)

nobody cares about ps2 games now, even if you play 24H/24H, you don't have time to play all the great ps3 games (and online is endless), nobody wants to play old games on a flat screen tv, even if the games are good (this is the reason why gamers want some remake hd of the best games)

"maybe the guy is stuck in 2007 "

maybe it's just another ridiculous blog (paid by ms or just created by fanboyz) ?

"If the ps3 avoided blu-ray and cell processor at launch and instead just made it backwards compatible I'd wager that it could have sold at least 20m more consoles than what it has already"

Lol, you are so wrong.
DO you really think it was better for gamers to not have the best games/graphics, and bluray, just to sell more (the first year only, because now, it makes the difference and success + bluray "trojan" for movies industry was a great idea, who 'll gives billions to sony for several years)

Kurt Russell3009d ago

I didn't buy a PS3 to play PS2 games... I played them last gen.

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Theparanerds3010d ago

I'm glad you feel that way

SactoGamer3009d ago

You missed the existance of consoles like the Jaguar, Panasonic 3D0 and Atari 5200.

Theparanerds3009d ago

didn't miss it, only did Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. If we were to do it all, it would be a top 1000 dumb moves. That's too many dumb moves.

gamerzBEreal173009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Xbox Live times 6 years + $299 for the console + $99 wifi + $30 charger 54% failure rate $730...

'nuff said.

how can u dissagree with prices? lol

kneon3009d ago

The XBox launched at $399 in the US so you can add another $100

KingZFlipper3009d ago

$299 for the console +($99 wifi) if you are that stupid to buy to your slim a wifi connector + ($30 charger) or you just can buy for 5-10$ some rechargeable batteries.

kneon3009d ago

It would also be stupid to pay $600 for a PS3 now, but he was talking about launch. At launch if you wanted wifi on the XBox you had to buy an adapter. But I think he has one too many years of Live, shouldn't it only be 5 so far?

DeFFeR3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Live launched in 2002 - but the 360 has only been out 4.5 years now (which makes 5 payments for LIVE) so you are correct..

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table3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Sony made so many mistakes with the ps3 it's not even funny. Thankfully they are actually turning a profit now because I think it would be a terribly sad day for gaming if Sony left the industry.


the difference is microsoft gave you the option and that is a more economically friendly way for the company. Microsoft seriously out-foxed sony this gen. Sony had the right idea for profit with the ps2 selling memory cards at ridiculous amounts when the xbox had built in memory.

Imperator3009d ago

If Sony leaves the gaming arena I think I'd probably stop console gaming. Move solely to PC. That's just my opinion though. Sony seems to be the only that caters to all crowds and mainly focuses on the core.

Godmars2903009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

How does someone make a list like that, yet not bring up the issues with Immersion at the time in the case of rumble on the PS3?

Granted it was Sony's fault for not settling like MS and Nintendo, who also stole the tech, but the writer makes it sounds like it was a deliberate choice that was never corrected.

UP3009d ago

maybe the guy is stuck in 2007