Gamespot: Catan Review

Gamespot writes: It's nothing short of magical that a couple of sheaves of wheat and a handful of ore can turn a modest settlement into a bustling city. Catan has finally arrived on the PlayStation 3, and this digital translation of the world-renowned board game is just as engrossing as its tabletop and Xbox 360 counterparts. This slow-paced game of resource gathering won't captivate wandering eyes with a fancy visual presentation or explosive special effects, but beneath the staid veneer lies a wealth of strategic indulgence. Matches have a tantalizing ebb and flow that requires players to exhibit shrewd tactics, bold maneuvering, and a hint of luck in order to come out victorious, and the delicate volley that encompasses most games is difficult to pull yourself away from. With a limited supply of options, Catan is not the most robust downloadable game. But for just $7, there's enough imperialistic entertainment on offer to stick your flag into.

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