Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week heads to the Borderlands
"Borderlands from 2K Games and Gearbox Software was one of the surprise hits in the shooter genre last year. The game's success continued on through three DLC packs that added more missions, more weapons, more enemies and new level caps. Now all three are on sale for hall off this week as part of the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week."

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Queasy4072d ago

Good deal for those that already own the game.

Yi-Long4072d ago

... where there were multiple XBLA games discounted.

Also, Borderlands is getting a GOTY-edition in a couple of months, so then you can get the complete game plus all DLC for 20-30 bucks or something, which seems like a much better deal.

Queasy4071d ago

I know. Which is why I said this is a good deal for those that *already own* the game. Heck even if they own one or two of the DLCs already but not the full set.

Better than going and spending 20-30 bucks on the GOTY edition.

Blaze9294072d ago

perfect timing - just got into this game.

Neco5124072d ago

me too! well, about a week or two ago now. But really looking forward to more time with it

CrAppleton4072d ago

Sweet! But not the deal of the week.. the deal of the week by far will be Hydro Thunder for only 1200 pts. :D

Neco5124072d ago

Well, that does sound like a good deal too

Queasy4071d ago

It's definitely one I will be picking up. Was a favorite on the Dreamcast.

lucifon4071d ago

IGN gave it 5.5 but alot of other sites are giving it pretty average reviews. Always thought it looked totally mediocre. Unimpressed looking deeper into Castlevania too being just 6 levels of 30 minute timelimits :( Lets hope Monday Night Combat is as good as it looks

VladimirK4071d ago

It's a good deal with the exception of Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.
Wouldn't be worth the HDD space if it was free tbh.

There's no variation in waves, all the enemies are the same level as you, the "prizes" are worthless weapons and you get no XP.
It's even worse if you're into achievements. You have to grind through something like 75 rounds overall to get 100% in it. (It gets old by the 5th round. Trust me, I've 100%'ed it).