Afrika's Online Service Ending

Andriasang: PlayStation 3 wildlife simulator Afrika isn't strictly an online title. But it does have some online elements through its online photo contest series, one of which is still running.

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clank5433010d ago

Haha, I totally forgot about this game. I remember how much this was hyped at the console's launch. Who knew that the ps3 would have such killer games like Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, and Uncharted 2 now!

maskedwarrior3010d ago

It would have been perfect as a launch game if Sony haven't delayed it.

Conloles3010d ago

It would have been a decent game if it was on PC

sinncross3010d ago

This game should have been given a PSN release worldwide (I don't think this game saw release in Europe).
Also, since the game is about taking pictures and what not, Sony should have added PS Move support to this.

I think this could have gotten the game some added interest perhaps. Oh well, hopefully the developers are given some work after this.

Blaze9293010d ago

Sooooo I'm guessing it's ok for Sony to do this but when EA for games no one plays anymore, people throw a tantrum.

Only on N4G.

But anyway I wish companies would quit doing this. When laying for a game your paying for every component advertised on that box. To take it away a few years later is pure crap.

PC gaming ftw at least when it cones to online gaming.

harrisk9543010d ago

What the heck are you talking about? This is normal for a game that is as old as Afrika and probably has very few people still playing it. The problem with EA is that they shut servers down a year or 2 after a game comes out to force you to buy the new version. This is not even an "online-centric" game and Sony is not doing this to force you to buy Afrika 2.

Only on N4G does a simple news story get twisted into a Sony-bashing session.

BlackBusterCritic3010d ago

I own the game, and didnt even know it had an online component! XD

Red_Phoenix3010d ago

Woah! This game had online? I honestly never knew till now, haha.

kasasensei3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

That is a curse. On-line component that are disappearing with the time... That is why i do not pay game at the full price anymore. I know that severals months later they will lose features.

People who disagree are more than stupid XD

Johnny_Bravo3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Really? I bought SOCOM 2 7 years ago and the online is still up and running....

Maybe this game just isn't that great.

kasasensei3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

What are you talking about, seriously? Think before write dude.... Your comment is absolute non-sense. XD

SOAD3010d ago

kasasensei, good games usually have well-supported online components. Socom 2 was a great online game that was supported for a long time and therefore your reasoning that you shouldn't pay full price is flawed.

Johnny_Bravo3010d ago

My comment made perfect sense. You said "On-line component that are disappearing with time" "I know several months later they will lose features". Well, SOCOM 2 is 7 years old and still has its online component and lost no features, even the first SOCOM is still up and running after 8 years. Great games with good support wont lose anything.

kasasensei3010d ago

I did not say that like a statement for ALL games nor say they will all lose their online part in the first year. Of course well supported games are still online after many years, because of the community, but it is a fact that if you buy a new game, you will have absolutely no idea of how long will the online part remains active and available.
And your example of socom does not truly represent the reality or the majority, sad but true.

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ShiftyLookingCow3010d ago

Next game in the series is Europa. You get to see some hot birds, big old ducks and a couple of economies swimming in debts and austerity drives.

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