New NBA 2k7 screens

2k Sports reveals 3 more in-games screenshots of the 2007 version of their NBA franchise, and it looks almost done.

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DG5393d ago

Not as good as live though and 2K games havent been good since Dreamcast. Well see though 2K6 was terrible!

calidredz5393d ago

Live looked good and played like crap. I have turned too many live fans into 2k6 fans, with the crappy cameras and moonwalking feeling you get running up and down the court, it was easy.

DG5393d ago (Edited 5393d ago )

I love my live but 06 for 360 was TERRIBLE!!! but 2k6 was not better in my oppinion heres to both games stepping it up in 07!

I stopped playing it cuz it was frustrating me. I can deal with it untill you play on ALL Star against Detroit and they start whoopin ur @$$ and the game dosent do what you tell it to do!

kingboy5393d ago

live the worst basket ball series ever..jeez! 2k the king man