Games preview: Kinect round-up

GameCentral goes hands on with Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Adventures, Kinectanimals and Dance Central - but do any really sell the system?

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TheLeprachaun3006d ago

I've always meant to ask. Did anyone else hear the little Chinese girl says 'Good dog' to skittles during the E3 demo? Or was that just me hearing things?

tiamat53006d ago

What a pile of non gamer, only for the gullible, overpriced trash. Microsoft has no shame

colonel1793006d ago

Microsoft is not the one with the less shame. It's the people that buy their products anyways

Bigpappy3006d ago

Kinet sports with bowling and the running game will be very popular, along with the sports games from Ubi. The fitness games from Ubi and EA will be huge with the females. The Konami skating game looks solid and fun as well. So there is quite a bit there to satisfy our casual taste. There, you heard it here first!

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