10 tragic video game deaths that made you laugh


EX: "A tragic death can be one of the most emotionally powerful elements in video games, capable of reducing full grown men into blubbering children. Maybe it was the death of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII that made your lip quiver, or perhaps it was feeling Jacky's mourning when Jenny was killed in The Darkness that made your eyes tear up. Whichever the case, it's undeniable that the death of a likable character in a video is more than capable of evoking sadness in the hearts of gamers.

This list has nothing to do with that."

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tehk1w13008d ago

I actually thought Maria's death in GoW was kind of sad....

Also, was Jason mentally handicapped? I don't think the game ever says --would probably make it a little more tragic if he was actually mentally handicapped and not just a Darwin Award candidate.

Reibooi3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I didn't think Maria's death was sad basically because of what was said in the article and because the game never gives you a reason to be sad. You see her in a flashback for like 30 seconds and thats ALL you know about her. There is no reason to care unless you happen to like Dom and feel sorry for him but he is an annoying character that pretty much follows you around and dies over and over so you have to rez him over and over. Not exactly the kind of character I care about.

ExplosionSauce3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I agree with Jason's death. He was one of the dumbest kids ever. To be honest, I was kinda looking forward to him dying.

I would add Naomi Hunter's death in MGS4. She was a memorable character and her death was kinda sad, except that Otacon killed the moment for me :P

Sgt. Johnson's death was just typical bad storytelling.

And Maria's death is hard to feel sad about...

Shuklar3007d ago

You know on the back panel at the top of the game case, it lists features a game has, like "Trophies", "1-4 Players", "Online Multiplayer", etc? Imagine one of the bullet points was "Children Dying"! That would be hilarious.

RedDead3008d ago

Johnson's death was just unnecessary, seriously? Killed by the annoying little box? they could have made a better boss too.

Maria's death was just stupid for thereasons in the article. I just felt like it doesn't belong in the game.

I'm surpried no one had killed jason already. A real gobshite kid

reaferfore203007d ago

I thought it was funny when Garza died in Killzone 2.

Darkstorn3007d ago

I laughed when I killed 'Adoring fan' in Oblivion >:D

MisterNiwa3007d ago

He died, I took all his belongings... And then.. he came back.

Sony3603007d ago

I'd laugh if Mario died. Like actually died forever.

MisterNiwa3007d ago


I think the death of Ghost and Roach was very dramatic and had a pretty good effect.
I don't know whats funny if you use a First Person Dying scene in a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.
Stupidty at it's finest with this argument.

Urmomlol3007d ago

The article actually did a pretty good job of explaining exactly why Ghost and Roach's death weren't dramatic at all -- it was the same sort of "SURPRISE, YOU'RE DEAD" schtick that IW has used way too many times for it to be anywhere remotely surprising.

Law of diminishing return. You keep using the same thing over and over again, it's not really all that shocking when it happens for the fourth or fifth time.

MisterNiwa3007d ago

Well, people die. And.. suprise! We die in first person view.

DelbertGrady3007d ago

When Maria died in GeoW 2 I was like "get on with it". The story was p!ss poor to be honest, but the game more than made up for it by having some really explosive and intense gameplay.

I hope they drop this whole "make the player emotionally attached to the story" thing in GeoW 3. I think it would be much more engaging if they just focused on making a simple story about winning the war and not giving up. Don't make it overly complicated. It just falls flat in a game like GeoW.

Palodios3007d ago

I know he doesn't technically doesn't die... but the Palmer scene in FF7 is hilarious.

Go to 3:30

hay3007d ago

There's shorter way to skip to specific time FIY:

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killyourfm3008d ago

BRAVO for including Steve Burnside. Whiny little shit, I laughed it up when he got killed.

MxShade3008d ago

Poor Jason. Poor, poor Jason.

killyourfm3008d ago

WARNING: This article does have a spoiler for a rather recent game on the 3rd page. You've been warned!

Queasy3008d ago

I was right. It was the one-armed man.

Acquiescence3008d ago

JASON DIES IN HEAVY RAIN!!! Aha, ruined it for y'all now, haven't I.

NecrumSlavery3008d ago

Jason didn't die in my outcome, but other did. It's a story with many out comes.

PirateThom3008d ago

Jason died in everyone's game.

danielle0073007d ago

It's not really a spoiler. Everyone knows Jason dies. That's why Ethan is a father dealing with loss and trying to manage with his remaining son. Otherwise he'd be happy, with two sons. & his bitch of a wife wouldn't have left him yet.

Plus, it happens within the first half hour of the game.

Acquiescence3007d ago

Oh, it's the joke flying completely over your head.

MajestieBeast3008d ago

MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously what retard created that scene.

Reibooi3007d ago

Someone who has never seen a drama or played the game the scene was going in obviously.

RememberThe3573007d ago

But I couldn't help it, it may have been the corniest scene I have seen this generation. Those guy need to stick to what they do best; space marines shooting shit and having a great time doing it.

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