Console Loyalty is for Idiots

Have you ever read an article on a website or a thread on a forum about a console or a game for a console you don’t have? Have you then made a blanket statement slamming said game or console because, basically, you don’t have it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you, my friend, are an idiot.

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playstation_clan3102d ago

well, to you sir i say. I have had every playstation product ever made (ps1, ps2, psp, ps3) not once have i been disappointed. Thats how you get loyal customers

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darthv723102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

you may have not been disappointed but have you been completely satisfied? Yes, there is a difference between the two perspectives.

Brand loyalty has its advantages but also its limitations. You are restricting your level of entertainment by choice. Nothing wrong with looking at it like that so long as you can acknowledge there are others who may not share the same sentiment.

I can respect a persons choice to only play one system so long as they can equally respect mine in playing all of them.

I have my favorites that i play more than others (especially in the sega ages) but it still play the ones that others would shun simply because they want to remain loyal to one side or the other.

Perjoss3102d ago

well said, bubbles, also I 100% agree with the title of this post.

N4g_null3101d ago

This is what really is missing. Peoples opinions are dismissed so much when it comes to this.

I'm not sure it's loyalty though. I would think there is a mixture of things happening. Loyalty would be 120 million gamers buying the PS3 just because they had the PS2.

This is one of the first gens where early adopters got burn really badly by rrod, ylod, over hyped games, dlc pricing, and the dumbing down of the addictive parts of gaming and the rise of visual attraction and online game play band aid treatment.

I feel like gamers are angrier now more than ever. The march that we all wanted was derailed and truthfully it was sony's fault. Yet it was also nintendo fault yet MS was just filling in where these guys where not. I blame nintendo for messing up the n64 project. that had to be the worst console they ever made tech and spec wise simply because it should have giving us the PS2 or dreamcast level graphics had it used a disk format.

It's really weird looking back. Yet people get addicted to certain things I believe. Like I really do feel like Many SONY fans would hate gaming back during the arcade days or the snes.

It's so bad that many studio are not even making games they are simply trying to figure out what is really going on here.

The hype did not work.
The loyalty did not work.
The HD graphics did not work.

Yet will creativity work?
Will addictive game play ever work again?
If so do gamers even want a challenge any more?
Is it only about story now?

I think the vale of loyalty really is just a game preference type.

Garnett3102d ago

When you create an account named after a system, then you know you've taken it too far. (Goes for anyone)

qface643102d ago

ohhh now i get the picture lol i had to squint my eyes i was wondering what that was about

Socrates3102d ago

Liking what you like isn't the problem. It's when you act like an A-hole and call other people stupid for having a different preference than you that it crosses the line into being something detestable.

Perjoss3102d ago

people like this are usually paranoid they may have made the wrong choice, they want other things to be vastly inferior to the stuff they bought. This console generation is very evenly matched, all consoles including the wii have great strengths as well as weaknesses. I feel fortunate to be able to own all 3 and be able to experience all that gaming has to offer, feel sorry for people that only own 1 console, for whatever reason.

Persistantthug3102d ago

And I have no problem admitting I have an open minded loyalty towards my PS3.

That doesn't mean I hate all the other systems though.

In fact, PS3 isn't perfect....but it just so happens I chose the console that had the most upside and most,

PS3 was the obvious winner.

Last gen I chose Dreamcast and I'm not a blind Sony follower.

J-Smith3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

so i guess you want people to stand back & listen to people slag-off what you like? like xbox360 fans do? nah i won't
[i am talking about people who say don't be a fan of something]

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tinybigman3102d ago

that's why i own all 3 systems. each has games i can't play on the other.

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jazzking20013102d ago

well i have always had a playstation
as such i will always resume to get a playstation
i dont know if thats what you call loyalty
well if i was rich enough i would just buy all 3 systems lol
but i cant
as such, i got the ps3 simply cuz i had a ps and ps2 before

gamer20103102d ago

you sound like those people who say "well, my family has always been conservative (or liberal) so I will be a conservative (or liberal)". these people might not actually say these things out loud, but that is what it often comes down to.

you sound like you are stuck in a rut. i bought a ps2 because i bought a ps1, then i bought a ps3 because i owned the ps2 before that, then i bought a ps4 because i have always owned a playstion. don't you just judge things as they stand each generation?

me, i always have to own at least two consoles each generation to cover my gaming needs or wants.

Kishin3102d ago

man I own a ferrari, but im going to buy a porsche and ducati bike and whatever else because they're all SOOOOO cool and I love cars /s

ZombieAutopsy3102d ago

"Have you ever read an article on a website or a thread on a forum about a console or a game for a console you don’t have? Have you then made a blanket statement slamming said game or console because, basically, you don’t have it? "

No I only use N4G so there's no possible way....

ATi_Elite3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

"Have you ever read an article on a website or a thread on a forum about a console or a game for a console you don’t have? Have you then made a blanket statement slamming said game or console because, basically, you don’t have it? "

No I only use N4G so there's no possible way....


.....As N4G has Flaimbait filters that you can turn on just nobody ever uses them.

ZombieAutopsy3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

For some reason the filters never work for me

N4BmpS3102d ago

Wait... there's flamebait filters? :O. My mind is partially blown.

polestar43102d ago

i could not stop laughing

GuruStarr783102d ago

here we go again with the retarded flamebait fanboy comments....this site is going to hell.

SeanRL3102d ago

There's loyalty, and then there's blind loyalty. It's ok to love a console but to love it so much that you stop realizing it's flaws is when you cross a line. Yes I'm a fan of playstation but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate other consoles and what they are doing for gaming.

hamoor3102d ago

Well i dont know how do you got only two bubbles

Agent-863102d ago

It seems to me that the console world and politics are a lot alike. Here in the US, we're all Americans, but once you join a party, its like people of the other party are all of a sudden less American than you. They become the scum of the earth and the cause of all the problems in the world. I see the same kind of thing when people make their choose of a console. All of sudden, the other console owners are all now scumbags. Shouldn't we all be gamers first?

Perjoss3102d ago

I prefer to compare them to football (soccer) supporters (hooligans), even if the other team plays brilliant football they will never admit it and just call them a bunch of wankers, I cant stand all that tribal crap, why not enjoy the sport itself instead of just 1 team.

Kishin3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )


Consoldtobots3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

here is the difference,

competition has ALWAYS existed in the console market. You've never seen this kind of war between Playstation and Nintendo fans. Sure there were some disgruntled dreamcast fans but even they were tame compared to what's going on now. What you see going on now is a battle for gamers hearts and minds, on one hand you have traditional gaming companies like Nintendo and Sony and on the other you have a software behemoth with a less than stellar history of anti-competitive practices and an even worse history of shafting consumers once they control whatever market they set their sights on.

THIS FOLKS............has been common knowledge for YEARS to anyone that has been paying attention. The only difference now is they have legions of "fanboys" relentlessly doing damage control and spin whenever microsoft's history is brought up. Labeling those who want to set the record straight on their employers practices "haters" and "sony fanboys" when many of us have felt the same way about their employer long before they entered the console market. Hitler once said if you make a lie big enough and repeat it often enough it will be accepted as truth and it looks like microsoft's "war room" definitely has some reading material on the subject.

those of us with long memories know unequivocally what microsofts entrance into a market represents and will fight tooth and nail to make sure they don't gain control over console gaming. If you think Bobby Kotex and Gimmeurwalletvision are bad news for the industry, microsoft in control of console gaming would make it look like a picnic.

Poseidon3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

well said man,you speak the truth im giving you bubbles!

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NinjaAssassin3102d ago

Well said. People like Consoldtobots are precisely what is wrong with gaming right now.

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