Go! Gaming Giant - Deadliest Warrior: The Game Review

Whenever a game comes around with “The Game” in the title, I die a little inside. They tend to be cheap cash-ins on an existing franchise, not worthy of the full retail box left unloved on your shelf after only a couple of play sessions. It’s fortunate, then, that Deadliest Warrior: The Game is not a full retail product, and perhaps even more fortunate that it is surprisingly entertaining for a game with “The Game” in the title. If you’ve ever watched the TV “documentary” series of (almost) the same name, you’ll know what to expect here – historically unfeasible fights to the death between various famous warrior types. Like the TV show, you can also expect the fights to be more amusing than realistic, and that numerous pig carcasses were harmed in the making of this production.

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thegreatest78843009d ago

I played the demo and I just felt it was cheaply made and just a quick attempt to cash out on the popularity of the show. In fact, a few of my friends who are big fans of the show bought it without trying it out.

Murgatroyd73009d ago

I'm a bit surprised by the review. You obviously had a better time with this than I did. I personally think this is the worst fighting game I've ever played.

Fabian3009d ago

I think a lot of my positive feelings towards it came from playing it in a group, locally. That really is the best way to play a cheap and simple fighting game like this. As I mentioned, the singleplayer is short and forgettable, and online multiplayer has a few issues. It really shouldn't be viewed as a hardcore fighting game - it's a party game with an interesting roster.

RaymondM3008d ago

there were a lot of problems with the game, but I cannot say it was boring. Seeing someone get a spear stuck in their head is always funny in video games