What Games Should Focus on instead of Motion Controls

From's Combo Breaker:

"A lot of time and money is being dumped into motion controls these days by the big three console companies. I wouldn’t call waggle the death to the joystick and gamepad like some of my industry compadres, and I think certain aspects of motion controls have merit. It’s just a wee bit disappointing when you think of all the things game companies could be putting their research and development into. In the massive push to change the modern controller there’s so many things they could be fixing that actually, you know, need fixing."

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boogeyman9993011d ago

They really need to fix the lag.

giantchicken3011d ago

That isn't happening any time soon.

playstation_clan3011d ago

why dont they improve on more storylines because the story is the meat of the game and its important for game to have great gameplay as well. anything that doesnt include moving ur hands like a idiot

kneon3011d ago

I rarely every encounter lag online, except for MW2 and LBP. But I haven't played either of those online in quite a long time so maybe even those have improved.

HolyOrangeCows3010d ago

"Make Artificial Intelligence actually intelligent"

Yes please.

Spenok3009d ago

There is some smart AI here and there. It would be nice if every game had some sort of stardard though.

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MechaZain3011d ago

the running thing is weird when you're in a town and everyone's walking slow

Mastersnake103011d ago

A.I. is still not smart yet I can waggle to make Mario spin.

How the industry as evolved...

spooky2053010d ago

What ever happened to the epic singleplayer experience? or the challenge? or the addictive gameplay? Its like every game can be beaten easily then gets stale after a while and ends up in a bargain bin. I never would dream ever to trade in my copy of super mario world, contra 3, streetfighter 2, etc. but in this gen i could easily get rid of any game with no regrets.

Americanbang3011d ago

I am not into the motion controller gaming, yet. Not sure if I ever will be either. I prefer to play using a controller, it's just the type of gaming I grew up playing my whole life and something I like.

It just seems silly and awkward to stand in one area and do the things required for the game while using your body as the controller.

I agree with one thing though, it's awesome that we now have technology like this and there are people who like these things. Just not for me.

Rocket Sauce3011d ago

I wouldn't mind motion controls if they made sense. So many Wii games have you waving your right hand back and forth. How the hell does that equal swinging a bat (Dead Rising), running (RE 4), shoving (HOTD) or spinning (Mario)? Just let me press a button, dammit.

nellshini3011d ago

Artificial intelligence is anything but, but the author does have a point that it could be a good deal better than what we're seeing in a lot of games. Especially in RPGs where the AI doesn't understand the game mechanics and become liabilities.

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