Six reasons Mafia 2 is a must buy

After playing a near final build of Mafia 2 at a private media event hosted by 2K Games in San Francisco, the game’s 1950s authenticity is its most intriguing feature. The open world action-adventure not only brings fans back to a gritty world of organized crime, but shares an engaging story that’ll have Mafia purists clamoring for more.

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Letros3191d ago

Yea I was going to wait til it came out, but free Mafia 1 copy sold me, always wanted it on Steam!

table3191d ago

yeah im prob gonna pre-order jst for the steam version of mafia 1. PC is where mafia is at.

bjornbear3191d ago

Mafia 1 is one of the best story-laden games i've ever played. its so immersive and convincing you feel like you are watching a scorsese movie =D

Mafia II is a given if you ever played Mafia 1 and/or you love a good story/gameplay match up.

probably a contender to best story/immersion of the year along with RDR

beavis4play3191d ago

mafia2 is "day1 buy" just based on how much i liked the first one.

pimpmaster3191d ago

along with rdr??? sorry man but mafia 1>>> rdr. the story in rdr dragged so much. after the first land i found myself not caring about the story anymore.

Spenok3188d ago

The more i see of this game the more im intrequed by it.... i guess ill have to look into it.

Madis0073191d ago

I like Mafia settings, music and missions
Mafia 2 has story mission not mini missions like in GTA 4

MGRogue20173191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

On the morning of it's release, I'm running to my local store like crazy! :D

I was going to pre-order.. but my pre-orders Never arrive in the morning.. I want to be able to play it immediately & not have to wait for the fucking postman lol, especially for a game like Mafia II, You DO NOT want to wait! :)

Here's my plan:

1. Run into store

2. Grab game

3. Chuck money into employee's face & run back home

4. lock bedroom door, shut curtains, play game!


zeeshan8103190d ago

That's called no life!

"Here's my plan:

1. Run into store

2. Grab game

3. Chuck money into employee's face & run back home

4. lock bedroom door, shut curtains, play game!"

Charmers3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I was a massive fan of Mafia 1 on the PC and was eagerly anticipating Mafia 2. How times change, this game has gone from "must pre-order" too "meh might buy it for a fiver in a steam sale".

Fristly the specs put me right off, to max this game out with Apex physics you need a damn i7, a GTX470 AND a GTX285. That is ridiculous and makes me gravely concerned for how well Mafia 2 will actually run on my quad + GTX260 (I am expecting sub console visuals going by those recommendations).

The main reason this has dropped off my radar is the "exclusive" PS3 content. Basically Xbox and PC gamers will be paying the same price as PS3 users but PS3 users will get "significantly" extra content for their money. I don't support companies that try to sell me an inferior version of their product. So 2K and 2K Czech can take their game and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

table3191d ago

pc users will be paying less than both ps3 and 360 users.

Charmers3191d ago

That is only if you factor in the fact that PC users do not have to pay for a licence fee. If you remove the licence fee from the cost of the PS3/360 version then PC gamers are paying the same price for the content. I should have been clearer in my post about that.

It doesn't change the fact that PC gamers are paying the same price as PS3 users (minus the console licence fee) and getting lesser content. In my view that is disgusting and despicable and not to be tolerated.

I don't enjoy paying companies to shaft me so I will quite happily keep my money and they can keep their game.

asyouburn3191d ago

that way you can play at least in 720p, and get the extra content. makes sense.

Charmers3191d ago

Because I do not own a PS3, nor do I own a 360. I am a PC gamer and I prefer to play games on the PC. They are selling me the lesser version after making some shady deal with Sony and I am not going to go out and reward both Sony (by buying their console) and 2K by buying a cut down version of the game.

I don't like it when companies try to have their cake and eat it too. They may get others to buy the lesser version on the PC and 360 but they are not going to get this PC gamer to do it.

asyouburn3191d ago

didnt know you didnt have one. it does suck that you cant get the extra content, but im sure its not such a huge part of the game that youre gonna be missing something.

ATi_Elite3190d ago

Video Cards and resolution: APEX High settings

Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 (or better) and a dedicated NVIDIA 9800GTX (or better) for PhysX
Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 for Graphics and a dedicated NVIDIA GTX 285 (or better) for PhysX NVIDIA GPU driver: 197.13 or later.
NVIDIA PhysX driver: 10.04.02_9.10.0522. Included and automatically installed with the game.
Recommended Processor: 2.66 GHz Core i7-920 RAM: 2 GB

Yeh right just like Metro 2033 recommends a GTX 480 SLI set-up. If Nvidia recomends you jump off a bridge are you gonna do it?

Core 2 Duo Core 2 Quad Core i7 Phenom X2 X3 X4 Athlon 2 X4 will run this game just fine.

A GTX260 is far superior to console graphics no matter what your playing. A GTX260 sli set up with a 9800gtx for physx will run this game just fine.

just tweak your settings for best results.

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