Kinect is Actually Fun

After playing a bunch of titles using Microsoft's Kinect, I can say that the gimmick works.

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FangBlade3106d ago

"Taking advantage of the fact that people often like to see themselves being ridiculous, the games will display highlights or quick video shots of what you look like when you play. Far from being embarrassing, these little snapshots give you the chance to laugh at yourself and with the audience. It's akin to those pictures taken after you ride a roller coaster. Yeah, you might not shell out the 20 bucks for a glossy print, but everyone likes to check out the stupid faces they make as they plummet 200 feet."


GreenRingOfLife3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

there are about 100 other anti-Kinect articles from the SDF on the front page that you can be trolling at you know

HorsePowerr3106d ago

Talking to your inner self again?

3106d ago
Rush3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Just let them continue there Kinect smear campaign, it doesn't have any affect on the real world anyways. It's just a way of making them feel better I guess.

They are going to have to except at some point when Kinect starts outselling PS Move 5 to 1 that maybe there a little off. But until that time comes there going to continue endlessly promoting Kinect for Microsoft.

After all no kind of advertising is bad advertising, and Kinect is vastly more talked about then PS Move it all points in the direction of it being a commercial success.

To the 10 billion disagrees am about to get, Mind point out if a smart and well thought out way how PS Move even has a shot against Kinect.

PS: saying Kinect sucks doesn't count as a smart argument against my point.

3106d ago
candystop3106d ago

Kinect sucks because it doesn't have Sony's Name or logo plastered on the box. There's definitely a huge smear campaign going on and Sony faithful are everywhere trying to smear it. I haven't seen any game that's wowed me yet but have no doubt it will kill move sales.

Montrealien3106d ago

Hey fellas,

how does it feel to get butterflies in the stomach when you think a piece of hardare might fail? Seriously, I want to know. So much hate, for was is basicly a part of an industry we all love and want to grow and that can only be done with competition. Am I not right?

whothedog3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

@rush and candy

Looks like you guys can't wait for their marketing campaign, you're talking about sales instead of how fun the product will be.

It really shouldn't matter how much it sells as long as you have fun with it.

Rush3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Am sorry but how am I the fanboy here? You only have to look at your comment history to see you take every possible shot at Microsoft you can in your sad little life.

Sure I may talk sales every now and then only because they interest me. But I can't honestly ever think of once where I have insulted a Sony product I own a PS3 and really enjoy it as a system.

I mean seriously If I insulted Sony half as much as you guys above insult MS I wouldn't have any bubbles left.

I have nothing against Sony or Microsoft I do defend Microsoft somewhat more that's true but on this site it's hard not to.

I have never been one to follow the crowd like a degenerative idiot. I have no intention in join the rest of the fuck heads in the community bashing Microsoft or any other console for that matter at any chance I get.

And no I didn't pull that number out of my ass, on amazon UK Kinect is 4th in best sellers why PS Move hasn't been able to make top 100.


You should try using some yourself sometime.

Menech3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I guess you didn't get the memo not insulting MS on N4G makes you a fanboy.

Biggest3106d ago

You guys are just too strange for words. I am not going to proclaim Kinect a sales failure. I am not going to wish evil upon it. But can you please tell me why you are hopeful that it DOES sell millions? You have all been able to watch or experience what Kinect has to offer in its current state. I find it hard to believe that the same people that are here fake fighting about sales and pixels are the same people that are excited for what Kinect is offering. Are you just defending its shortcomings because you don't want people to make fun of Microsoft? Or is the Kinect something that certain N4G gamers have been waiting their entire lives for?

3106d ago
candystop3106d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Actually sales do matter because without them there will be less support of the product. As far as fun goes I look forward to playing Kinect myself and having a blast. You can say whatever you want but the fact is there are a lot of people with personal agendas out attacking everything 360 related fun or not.

"It really shouldn't matter how much it sells as long as you have fun with it"

Or how about...It really shouldn't matter how silly you look as long as you have fun with it.
Sales are always important kind of like PS2 sales last gen or the always talked about GT sales.

edit Biggest: "But can you please tell me why you are hopeful that it DOES sell millions?"

I don't think anybody is saying there hopeful but more like stating the obvious. The real question is why would do people want it to fail and keep having to question why we want to see it to succeed? If it's not for you then begone because we can't talk about anything useful. I don't like the PS3 which is why I normally stay clear of Sony threads. It just makes no sense to sit up here and hope Kinect fails when you simply jut don't have to read about it. I'm looking forward to core games and button less controls of the future.

Rush3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I just did give evidence to back up my claims seriously man learn to read.

I swear the only reason an idiot like you gets any agrees at all is because your arguing for the side that has 4x as many users on this site.

Sure my 5 to 1 thing could be way of but it's an opinion and I have reason to hold that opinion, I simple look at the coverage both items are getting.

Then I check amazon for pre-orders/sales and I see Kinect doing far better on Amazon. I also look at the developer support Kinect has compared to Move.

You on the other hand look at the Sony brand and go that's going to win and that's all there is to it.

Have I ever said once I think Move is less fun to play with then Kinect? If you bothered to ask my opinion on that you would Know I think Move is the better product.

I just know in my heart of hearts Kinect is going to sell more.

Seriously you just need to stop your wrong and your English is horrible, Am dyslexic and even I struggle with your posts.

whothedog3105d ago

haha thanks for a reply.

Sales do matter to the company, but not to me. Are you going to wait till the sales hits a certain number before you feel comfortable jumping in? If there is a product you are interested in, you usually get it because of your interest, not because of how well you think it will sell. It is nice to hear a product do well but no one can control how well it sells, sales comes with interest from the public.

Plus I think we both know that both products will sell well enough where we won't have to worry about them being discontinued anytime soon.

And I never really had a PS2 or played GT(for extended period of time at least) so I don't care about sales I really don't, and I don't play games just because they are popular. Last gen I had a xbox and gamecube, if that says anything. And this gen I have a Ps3 and a Wii, the last and first place console, I had a 360 but sold it awhile ago. One of my favorite games is SOTC(Shadow Of The Colossus)and that did not sell well, but it is still one of my favorite games... Just one.

And yes I know there is bashing of Kinect and Move, and since this is more a PS3 site these days more people are bashing Kinect, I also believe more people bash Kinect because it still has to prove itself somewhat, but that is just my opinion.

Why o why3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Im against the blind hate for move and kinect and against the blind defence of both by the respective parties.

Ok, im all good for kinect being fun and enjoyable for gaming reasons. Ive already understood that its not here to be super accurate or precise enough for core games etc. What really annoys me about some of the comments here and throughout this motion war is the notion that kinect outselling anything by '5 - 1' means its somehow loses the lag or inaccuracy or that somehow makes it easier for devs to make the games that the people who make these said comments want to play. what the fcuk has happened to some of us. How can what it sells be more important than actually usefulness and relevance to US. Im pissed at the people who are hating for FAKE reasons ie 6 ft of space needed but im equally pissed at people who defend kinect with 'its sales' shameful times. I understand that more sales means more probable support BUT that support may amount to nothing more than a 'jump here, lean here, clap here variety because of its limitations. Is that really what you guys expected when this was called Natal? Im sorry. I wont even care about the disagrees/agrees its just sad that some a reverting back to 'teh salez'.

I hope both do well but IF me stating i think kinect is limited for the games i wanna play means im a fanboy hater then so be it...Its bullsh!t but who gives because i was told to wait to E3 for me to see some real stuff and all i saw was faked shows and step downs . That makes it a little easier to question, not hate, but question. With psM we've seen real games that we would probably play whether im interested in them or not. Ive also seen a couple kinect games that are playable but not to the same extent or relevance to my preference. Dont shoot, its just my lonely opinion

beans3105d ago

I agree with WHYoWhy and find most of the comments here pretty fair towards the bottom. Let's just hope both do well and leave it at that.

FragMnTagM3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Great comment man. We need more of that around here. You have said some nasty things about Kinect in the past, but your post right now was fair. I don't really care how much Kinect sells, but it is clear (as of right now) that Kinect is doing great on pre-orders. I will probably get both new motion devices as the Wii is popular with my girlfriend, kids, and non gaming friends that come over.

I will get the Move for myself and the Kinect for the kids, girlfriend, and non-gamer friends. I will undoubtedly play the Kinect and will probably end up liking it for the party type vibe it has.

To me, the Move is more hardcore than the Wii mote, as in more buttons and some games requiring two PS Move motion controllers (orb controllers) to play certain games. If you hand some of my friends or family that don't game the nun-chuck for the Wii, they are lost. The Wii mote is not a problem for them, but as soon as they get the nun-chuck added to it, it suddenly becomes hard for them to comprehend moving with left controller and aiming with/ doing motions / pushing buttons with the WiiMote. This is just an opinion, of course, not fact feel free to discuss it.

I just see the Kinect a heck of a lot easier to get rolling with a game. That is what they have been pushing for too as well as they have demoed people walking in and out of the game and it just picking up from there. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why it will do well with family/kids/gf's. I also think the Move will do awesome with hardcore games and do well with people who have learned how to play the Wii very well and want to 'move' up to an HD console. If the people that may want to go HD choose Kinect or Move, that is purely debatable.

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Winter47th3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

As if the article's written by a soccer mom, fun the first 5 minutes of Xbox Play Xbox Pause then it gets really annoying.

I'll stick to buttons thank you.

D4RkNIKON3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Here's a review for Joy Ride I read the other day.

"Of the growing selection of Kinect games I've now seen, Joy Ride has disappointed the most. Perhaps I wasn't doing it right; perhaps it takes time to get used to, but unresponsive controls and a lack of tactile feedback took away everything that's enjoyable about racing games."

This might be a problem for more than just one Kinect game.

Elven63106d ago

That's actually a preview, reviews might come closer to November.

Spenok3103d ago

My thoughts exactly, though the guy above is right. This is only a preview and not a review.

Dance3106d ago

i suppose everyone likes waving a dildo around with their arms

sashimi3106d ago

says the guy with the dildo with the M$ logo in his mouth every time he speaks

bjornbear3105d ago

take the childish road, because we cant argue with a troll maturely right? stupid.

Mmmkay3105d ago

because being a girl on xbl is so much fun, yeah?

yippiechicken3105d ago

I'd hate to see what else you would wave it around with!


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Jinxstar3106d ago

@ rush.

Yeah. I hate these motion control gimmicks all around but I have to admit that Time crisis and Dead Space Extraction are making me consider getting a PS move controller or 2... Rail shooters look amazing and thats one "Well thought out" way that I believe the PS move has a shot. Core games for Core gamers in a genre thats been pretty dormant for a while... I think it has a shot.

As far as sales... Which is probably what you mean and I really don't care about because sales =/= quality. Kinect may have a shot but according to the OTX sensus both Move and Kinect are showing less then 10% interest among PS3 and 360 owners... I doubt it will outsell 5/1 but if it does... All that means is more shovelware for the 360 and more hardcore games for the PS3.... So if thats what you want then I guess yes. Natal "Wins"

trounbyfire3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"Just let them continue there Kinect smear campaign"

really smear when you people keep approving kinect article. there are more than double the second place right now. so your crazier then a mexicans dog if you think the worlds out to get you microsoft and kinect.

you think your so smart : "PS: saying Kinect sucks doesn't count as a smart argument against my point"

well i have a ps for you PS: come back to the real worlds

Montrealien3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"well i have a ps for you PS: come back to the real worlds"

lol, cute.

Well, I got news for you, this real world you speak of, has no idea what N4G is and buys games they like, on consoles they have.And unlike many N4G users, it aint stuck thinking the world revolves around their navel.

It is all fair and good to not like Kinect, or be interested in it, but in the real world, you would respect someone how is interested and just move along.

lh_swe3105d ago

Well said, bubbles for you sir.

@trounbyfire - I would going to love to see your face when Kinect sells like hot cakes.

I am not saying Kinect or Move is better, I'll hold my tongue till they are ACTUALLY RELEASED.

Inside_out3105d ago

There's your headline in December. Why, because it's the best, that's why. Kinect and 360 has the right games and the right price to be successful. Sony keeps making mistake after mistake. Sony is on it's way to Atari land, only it doesn't know it yet...$399 with one controller...WTF??? If they don't change that pricing, they will be out sold 2 to 1 in favor of 360.

M$ with Halo Reach, Fable and all the great multi-plats that are releasing this holiday will gain ground on the Wii. I don't think M$ even cares what Sony is doing. Sony is running around like a chicken without a head trying to do everything and doing nothing well...look at their game line up for the Car SIM...OK...LBP 2...right...Socom with Move...I see...Oh and these great titles...The power of the

M$ line up for Kinect is exactly what the casual market LOVES, the hardcore that picked the 360 over the PS3 by the millions will be very happy with the line up of games this holiday from 360 and have had a great year of great games. Sony's a mess right now.

DigitalRaptor3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

The difference between Sony and MS in this debate is that MS are going for the obvious quick cash grab. The technology is flawed, limited and it isn't ready for hardcore games like they intended. Yet MS are treating it like it's a revolutionary product and slapping a price tag on like it were.

Sony is also going for a slice of casual-land, but that is something they have always offered from PS1-PS3. They clearly want everyone to enjoy this device though rather than comprimising for one part of the market.

MS seem desparate for this marketshare, Sony do not. That is why Move seems more genuine to the consumer, the gamer and it just happens to be a better product too.

Please go into more detail about how Sony's lineup is anywhere close to a mess when compared to the 360? You sound very bitter to me.

It seems to me that you're bouncing off your hate for PS3 fanboys by finding any excuses you can to make the PS3 look like it's having a bad year. Your excuses are weak and fanboy riddled. It's pathetic that your brain even comes up with these points.

- Question of the day. What does the 360 have lined up for 2011?

ShadowCK3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Have you played Kinect?


Therefore, You can't judge something which isn't out yet. Moron.

Go hide in your Sony cave.

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Omega43106d ago

"but the thing that sold it for me was how much spin i could put on the ball. By lunging forward and following through, I was spinning like crazy and knocked down strike after strike. It felt amazing."

So someone finally worked out how the spin works. And of course more people having "fun", they may not be hardcore games but at least they let you enjoy yourself and thats what really matters.

edhe3106d ago

Poor guy talks truth has one bubble and 30 disagrees. Apparently having fun isnt the point of gaming, here anyway.

The point of gaming must just be so puppets can gather on a website and act like fundamentalist religious groups.

m233105d ago

I agree with Omega, the point of it is to have fun, which is why I will most likely be picking it up. A lot of my family sees all my games, but they aren't able to play them, Kinect makes it simple and I think they will have fun with it.

oohWii3105d ago

I agree, also with Omega speaking the truth yet getting disagrees. The problem with N4G is when you challenge people enough, they get clicky like a bunch of highschool girls. Once you are outside the click, they will disagree with ANYTHING you say.

You can say, I like videogames and they will disagree.

N4G = Hate/Immaturity

asdr3wsfas3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

You're absolutely right, but I disagreed with you cause it made me chuckle =D

"VIDEOGAMES? I hate those fuckin things!"

Beahmscream3105d ago

Dude, even I have to admit kinect looks like garbage. How much does MS pay you?

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DigitalRaptor3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"Kinect is Actually Fun".. but for how long?

We all know how long those casuals spent on their Wii before leaving it on the shelf to gather dust.

Brewski0073106d ago

"kinect is actually fun".... for the christmas period when all your family and relations are around. You can sit and laugh at how silly they look while knocking back a few beers. The rest of the year it'll be boring as there wont be any novelty in it.
Thats the way my wii is anyways.


Why does everyone seem to leave their Wii on a shelf?

Brewski0073106d ago

Its so handy to do so. Its the perfect size for a shelf. I think it was intentional in its design :P.

FragMnTagM3105d ago

a lot less attention than my XBOX or PS3, but when friends or family are over that is a different story. Everyone know how to hold a Wii mote and make basic motions and that will get played. I cannot play Uncharted 2, Halo 3, BFBC2, Alan Wake, Killzone 2, Wipeout HD and expect everyone to be able to play them. But I can bust out the Wii and everyone can play tennis, bowling, baseball, and such on Wii Sports. Or they can play Wii Sports Resort with all the new stuff, but the OG Wii Sports is more popular.

I see the Kinect appealing to the more casual side of the Wii crowd and the Move appealing to people who have outgrown their Wii and want an HD experience.

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3106d ago
midgard2293106d ago

punching kittens its the balls is also fun, but is it good? no

lol dont mind me im random